cover201703 Channeling

Sanora, are you there?

Most definitely my son, how are you on this fine summer’s day?

Wonderful, thanks for asking.

That is very gratifying to hear. How then, may we be of service to you today?

Would you please discuss with me, all the information you think I should know about channeling?

We would be delighted to discuss the various aspects of channeling, so that you may arrive at a new heightened state of awareness regarding this topic. First and foremost, be aware that all external communication can only come from either God, who is your consciousness, or from another individual aspect of consciousness, which is external to your own. The main value in any communication between yourself and anything which may be external to you, is based in those ideas which stem from that communication, which have the potential to work for the highest good of all. The rules which govern the universe, have their origins in thought, not form, which has no ability to modify itself unless it is acted upon by higher vibrational forces which are in alignment with that action. And so when we are discussing concepts and ideas that revolve around channeling, the manner in which the information is being conveyed, becomes of secondary importance to the thoughts which are being revealed or transferred to you as information.

Therefore, the main purpose for any kind of communication which might be external to yourself, would be to raise the awareness and vibration of the consciousness you are in communication with, and your own. That consciousness however, may not be equal in development to your own. It may greatly exceed your conscious development, or it may exceed your conscious development only in certain specific areas. Lastly, there is the possibility that you exceed the conscious development of the being you are in contact with in all, or possibly just some specific areas, such as in the area of emotions. This being the case, you are always wise to be aware of the vibrational content of the communication, in terms of its alignment to those thoughts and emotions which are of a high vibrational nature.

This action is totally equivalent to having a conversation with someone for the first time. If you were to close your eyes during the course of that conversation and continue listening, have they not become a disembodied voice as far as you are concerned? How then might you determine the truth or value of what they’re saying, if you can not see them? Are your eyes the sole means you have of determining the truth of any communication you’re receiving? Blind people everywhere, find themselves in the position of having to listen to channeled information all the time, because a lot of their communication comes through those beings who represent just voices to the blind person. Are they not in the same position of listening to that which they can not see, as those of you who are listening to channeled information, find yourselves in? What strength of courage or discretion do blind people possess, that those of you who are sighted do not?

Obviously those of you who feel some concern about listening to channeled information, know whether you are capable of detecting low vibrational information, or whether you are not. We would say that the lack of ability to detect low vibrational information, does not just pertain to channeled information, it extends into every aspect of your life, and if you are so easily fooled in one area, then how can you be so confident in those areas and sources of communication which lie outside the field of channeling? We have touched then on the most important aspects of channeled information, for it is in no way different from any other form of communication. The message, and the intent behind the message are always the most important factors in communication, not the medium through which that message is delivered. Love commands a certain frequency, which can not be downgraded by the medium through which it is conveyed, and as such, you may package anything in any manner you see fit, and if it does not vibrate to the frequency of love, no amount of fancy packaging will conceal that fact. Your ability to determine truth, is intimately tied to your ability to detect love, and so the more loving you are, the easier it becomes to detect all that vibrates to the same wavelength as your own. Love then, is your greatest source of security, for rest assured that a consciousness steeped in love would never have anything but your highest good as their goal, and so you would have nothing to fear by being in communication with them.

Those who would sound the alarm bells with regards to channeling, are those who find it easier to be fearful, than to face their fears and overcome them. If you can’t lead yourself to mastery in specific areas of your life, then what makes you believe people should follow your advice in another area? You would be well advised to remember that channeling is an aspect of existence as it is occurring in the here and now, however, it is in no way different than any other aspect of life which you have encountered, or are destined to encounter in the future. Resistance to life, equals resistance to God, who is life. Everything life brings your way will be transformational, for that is the nature and purpose of life. Your best strategy is not to try and hang on to your existing reality with the idea of avoiding all change, for that is detrimental to your current and future development. Your best course of action is to use all that is taking place in your world as a means of defining and refining all that you are, which means the necessity of determining a course of action in most cases.

If your course of action is to always move backward into that which you now know, then there is no growth or forward momentum on your part. In certain respects, it is totally possible to appear to go backward in development, simply by refusing to take any kind of action. In closing then, we will say that in the case of channeled information, caution is advised if your powers of observation and evaluation are not what they should be. However, we advise being no more cautious than in any other area of your life, where the possibility of being in error could set you back on your path.

It would benefit you to remember that all communication is based in either love or fear, and that information does not necessarily equate to knowledge, and that knowledge does not serve a purpose, unless in some manner it brings you closer to the source of your being.

Have we served you well?

Yes, that was great, thank you Sanora.

You’re most welcome.

We will take our leave then.

Peace, love and joy to you all.