Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 Collection Will Include $40,000 Alligator Bags


This post was prompted by a conversation with a friend of mine who was all in favour of making and selling handbags with a $40,000.00 price tag.

A $40,000 hand bag! Are they out of their f_ _ king minds?

So before I go all metaphysical on you,…lets just look at the illogical nature of this need to make, buy, and knock-off a $40,000.00 handbag. Now the rip-off artists to my mind, are the only people with two brain cells to rub together in this whole scenario! But, let’s look at the obvious first. If your knock off is so good that the manufacturer has to educate people about the difference,…then how much difference is there really? The difference should be blatantly obvious,…and if it isn’t,…then HELLO!

Secondly, if the manufacturer is charging $40,000.00 for the purse,….then what are their costs to manufacture it? If if costs $39,500.00 to make one, then do you think the rip off artists are going to spend even $10,000.00 to make a knock off they can only sell for half, or a quarter of the price of the real deal? NO,… of course not. If they even spent $1000.00 to make one purse, that would be too much,….after all, how many purses do you think they will sell?

No my friend,…I’d be surprised if they spent a few hundred dollars  a purse to make a knock off.

No matter what they spend, if they can make it so identical that you need to educate people about how to tell the difference between the fake and the original, then what are you getting for your other $39,000.00 from Marc Jacobs? Oh,..a genuine Marc Jacobs “certificate of authenticity,”….I see!

Now metaphysically speaking, spending money in a frivolous manner is an irresponsible use of energy and resources. This kind of purchase announces loudly that your priorities are all screwed up, and that you should never be allowed to handle the public purse, because you’re values around money are not what they could, or should be. The fact that a person can do something, does not mean that they should do it.

Also, money is energy, and the energy that exists between a knock off of a $40,000.00 purse and the original is not that far apart. However, the energy expended by your average person in the pursuit of earning that same amount of money, is so much greater than the cost to make one single purse, that there is no comparison. There is a very high disproportion of energy between the two, meaning that the situation is way out of balance, energetically speaking.

The cost to buy one purse, is way out of proportion to the cost of making it, forcing people to slave away at a job for a full year, just to buy one. It’s unnecessary, and unjustified. It is legal, but barely. Why this is not considered to be an act of gouging the public, I’ll never know.