Do Not Factor In Fear As Part OF The Equation

Love is the moral compass, the guiding light and directive force that keeps people moving ever upward, on the conscious and evolutional spiral, to higher states of being.

One short lifetime is rarely enough to accomplish this goal. You can see this fact represented in the fear based actions of many, if not most of the world’s population. With the common belief that there is only, “one life to live,” comes the desire to do, and have it all “now!”

Those who would stand in the way of the accomplishment of our personal or collective goals, do so at their own peril!

But what if it was not really that way at all? What if there were all the time in the universe to find out who and what you are? To try every way of being, and from that experience, decide which way feels the best for you. Also, what if, “what is best for you,” was a concept that you were continually honing and refining from year to year, life to life? How would that take the pressure off of you? Could you relax  a whole lot more, knowing that you didn’t really have to take life so seriously,….didn’t have to make it a continual life and death struggle?

You have been told many things, and in the future you will be told many more. Have the ideas you have “chosen” to believe, made you more loving, happier, healthier, more prosperous and free? I hope so, but if that is not the case, then maybe you might want to explore alternate ways of looking at the world. Specifically ways that do not factor in fear as part of the equation.