Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Man,….this stuff is better than that television soap called “Dallas.” Now I never used to watch it for more than five minutes, because that is all I could stand, but if this keeps on, people are going to get equally addicted to this stuff.
You know there is a lot of truth to the old saying,….”where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”
I’ll say one thing, trying to pin Hillary down is like trying to nail jello to the wall! She is gooood!
Obama, now there is a tough one to call. If you just listen to him,….well, he sounds like a real smart, nice, sensible, sensitive individual. On the other hand, chaos and death seem to be unleashed on people as a result of the policies he implements. I’m amazed how he can look so serene during an address, voice his concerns for people, then afterwards go right back to bombing the hell out of the parts of the world that don’t agree with his vision and policies.
I used to like him,….listened to his acceptance speech, and had high hopes for the U.S. because of him. Now I think he deserves an academy award for his acting ability,….honestly,….he would have made one hell of a good actor, but frankly as a “leader,” his Presidency is like eating Chinese food, ….vote him in, and an hour later you’ll be wanting another president!