Even Einstein Had A Mother

What did all these great thinkers ( http://www.biographyonline.net/people/famous/great-thinkers.html ) have in common?

Give up? Okay,…here’s the answer.

They all had a mother! (Aliens constitute a possible exception). As great as these people eventually went on to become, their life probably would have been radically different without the love and nurturing they received from a mother. Whether it be their own, or a surrogate. Science, philosophy, and religion all come “after” the love a mother bestows on her child, which allows it to grow up into a loving, well- adjusted human being.

Mothers create and nurture life. Whatever happens in later years in the way of advancement for civilization, only becomes possible because of the good start in life that the feminine aspect of existence is able to give humanity. A mothers love comes first, in most real life scenarios, and so all goodness has it’s start in love. Let’s give credit where credit is due, because no heroes or heroines would exist without the feminine ability to love deeply.

Society is conceived in love, and moves into maturity based on that solid foundation, understanding of course, that the few “exceptions” don’t constitute a “rule.”

Those who are leading us down the science and technology trail, and are busy trying to dazzle us with all they can do, sometimes forget what and who made it all possible.

Your “mother!” Without her there would be no Nobel Prize!