Problem Solving Techniques Of The Highest Caliber

Little minds, in mature bodies.

That is what we have going on today, yesterday, and all the way back as far as there has been violence against other people. Of course. as a people we have evolved somewhat, but not in every area. Most people still believe that violence has it’s place, and why shouldn’t they. We watch it on television, in the movies. It’s promoted in our literature, revered by our professional sports teams and their fans. People love violence,…just as long as it is happening to the “other person!”

Governments do more to promote the use of violence than any other segment of society. Of course they call it “keeping the peace,” or, “protecting our freedom.” How our peace is disrupted, or our freedom threatened by an entity that is 3000 or more miles away is an interesting question?

Killing people is a whole lot easier and effective, than negotiating with them. The bone of contention then becomes a “dead issue.” The only trouble with killing people who you disagree with, is that they have “relatives!” Now instead of being at odds with one person, you now have a whole lineage of people, bent on extracting revenge,….nice going,….great solution. Who has forgotten the crusades? I’m sure the people in the middle east haven’t!

So now it’s 2016, and a whole new generation of people have been taught by the media, and their government, that killing must be the most effective and desirable way to solve petty problems. So when elected officials get up on stage with a solemn look on their face, what are they trying to convey? Sorrow? Pity? Anger? Hell, after their posturing, they’ll be going right back to the business of bombing third world people back into the stone age!

If people didn’t believe in killing, they would refuse to do it,…..period. People have been conditioned to believe that killing is not only necessary, but also the fastest most direct route to a predetermined outcome. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too late to retrain the current generation,….the brainwashing has already taken its toll, as you can plainly see, but we have a new generation watching everything that’s taking place. Are we going to compound our problems by pretending we didn’t create it in the first place? Probably,…but I’d like to think that people are getting smarter as time moves on.
I’d like to think that, but it is not what the media is portraying.