My Health Lightbulb Just Went On

You know, it suddenly dawned on me after all these years that fresh fruits and vegetables do not come with a list of active, and non-active ingredients. Everything in a banana, or grape or tomato, or head of lettuce, is an “active ingredient.” It is perfect the way it is, because some higher source of intelligence created it that way.  The fact that we are eating gmo foods, does not mean that we had to create them, or that we even should be eating them.

If something your eating has a label that identifies both active and non-active ingredients, then look no further,….it’s a processed food, probably full of things that are there for “packaging purposes,” and have nothing whatsoever to do with health. I don’t know why it took so many years for the lightbulb to go on, but now that it has, it seems so simple.

Things which are good for you will have an active ingredients list,…and that’s it. That signifies to you that everything that is healthy is on the list. If there is no other part of the label saying words like,…”may also contain,” or “non-active ingredients,” then you know you’re not ingesting a lot of additives.

Words like “natural,” are simply “buzz words” that mean absolutely nothing. If it occurs in nature, then it is natural, but not necessarily fit to eat!

If it says,…certified organic, non-GMO, it’s still been processed, but with the intent of preserving a specific level of nutrition. Of course it’s not going to be cheap! It’s an uphill battle for small manufacturers to produce a product that can compete with the big boys on price. Most of the big vitamin manufacturers probably spend more on packaging and advertising, than they do on the ingredients that go inside of their product.

You want the active ingredients,…not the “may also contain” ingredients. Heritage, organically grown, non-gmo foods, have only active ingredients. Even if they are not as nutritious as they once were, you’re not ingesting a whole lot of unknowns that were never meant to be human food. You can actually be undermining your health, by taking things with questionable value.

It’s a new era we’re living in and it takes some new knowledge that the big boys are not going to give you. As a matter of fact, they are using legal, but marginally deceptive practices to simply make money,…and they do,….billions of dollars per year.