Why Reference Sources

2016/05/26 – 10:22

I intentionally choose not to provide references for my ideas, mostly because the vast majority of my ideas come from a source that is not verifiable, so why aggravate people? The whole idea of referencing your sources is silly anyway, provided you are not in the habit of violating someone’s intellectual property rights. Who said that someone could own a thought, or a word? Can you imagine if you had to pay money to talk, because someone with a big gun suddenly said that they were the owners of the English language,…. and if you were going to use it, you were going to pay! Big Time!! But anyway,…I’m getting away from the thrust of this post, which is about exploring certain insecurities that people have.
You present some idea or information to people, and what are you likely to hear? Who told you that? Where are you getting your information from? What proof have you got to back that up? You get the point I think.

People want and demand proof of any idea that you present. Why? Because it’s not their idea!
If it was their idea, then of course it would be valid, because no ones mind is full of  unsubstantiated facts,….are they? Every idea and concept that you have made part of your belief system, you have “personally validated for yourself, by doing an immense amount of research.” Right?

In fact, if anyone wants to know the exact source of every idea that you hold to be true, then you can accommodate them,…because you have it all meticulously documented,….don’t you? You have done your own painstaking research,…you know what I’m talking about?
You’ve done the same kind of research you’re asking others to do,….right? Of course you have,…no one is going to be able to call you a hypocrite!

But why do people even need to have things validated for them? Well, they quote other people, because they believe that their own ideas have no value, otherwise, they would quote themselves. They don’t think people would really take them, or their ideas seriously, and they are correct, but only because they advertise to the world that they do not take themselves seriously, by virtue of the fact that they constantly defer to other people on everything. Most people see themselves as powerless, and so they align themselves with ideas, beliefs and people, whom they imagine to be more powerful than they are.They align themselves with powerful ideas, and thus imagine that their self-worth has been raised in the process.

When someone presents an idea that does not initially sit well with you, the appropriate thing would be to ask that person to “explain their idea in a simple way that you can understand it.” That request alone is bound to send most crazy ideas packing, because the other person has likely not created a foundation of information, for their idea to be built upon. They are simply passing on something they have heard, and are covertly trying to get your take on it.
So why quote other people when you could be quoting yourself? You’re a world-wide expert on yourself, so what is the problem? No one knows more about you, than you do, so why should your ideas be any less valid, than those of other people? You do have a field of expertise,…but outside of that you might want to consider aligning yourself with ideas that are the most loving, beneficial, and have proven over time to work the best for the greatest number of people.
People with a strong sense of self-worth look outside of themselves for external validation of their ideas, less frequently, than people with a poor self-image. The more proof you require for everything, the more apparent it is that your ability to discern truth is under developed.
In summation we can say that, “you,…and I am talking to you,”…need to lighten up! Stop asking people to do the things that you’re too lazy to do for yourself. If you want to know if a thing is true,…check it out for yourself, and stop putting the onus on other people to do your work for you.

Have some respect for yourself, and the next time someones asks you, “who says so,”  just say: “I just said so,…go get you’re hearing checked!”