Pick The Right Cow

2016/05/26 – 09:52

Our approach and success level it seems, is totally dependent on the interest level of the people we are interacting with. Those who have a deep passion for the same thing you are discussing, writing, or lecturing about, will create far less resistance to your ideas, and show a much greater level of appreciation for the information you are imparting to them.The opposite is true for people who have little interest in the ideas you are presenting. Additionally, if your critics find themselves to be a captive audience, then their level of criticism about you and your information will start rising dramatically, as their frustration level rises, due to what they perceive as, their exposure to unnecessary stress.
So, what conclusion can we draw from this information? Well,….if you’ve ever brought cows home to the barn yard for the evening, from the field, you know that you don’t pick out the most head strong, temperamental, and uncooperative cow, as the one you choose to lead the others back. You pick out the most docile, cooperative cow, and start leading that one back to the barn,….and soon even the problem cows will be in-toe, because they have a herd instinct. People have a herd instinct to a large degree, which is why they choose to think and do what others are doing, so they will be readily accepted.
Choosing to work with the willing is all you can do, knowing that the more radical your ideas are from the main stream, the fewer willing people you’ll have as an audience for your unconventional thinking.