“We Are Able To Help People And Situations!”

Cover2With all the drama going on in the world at any given moment, it is easy to become either over whelmed with it all, or de-sensitized to it. Because it is all happening on so many fronts simultaneously, our question becomes, “what can I do,….if anything?” I live in a whole other, country, how can I impact other people for the better, and help them ease their burdens?  The answer lies in the nature of reality.

All things are energy, and so some energy will have manifested itself as people and situations which have already gathered a certain amount of momentum, while other aspects of the energetic continuum are in the process of forming themselves into  physical matter and situations that will manifest itself in the future.

Doing what we are able in the present, while raising the energy of a future outcome, are the physical and mental activity that will change things for the better today, and tomorrow. Raising the energy surrounding people and situations will change not only the direction of a situation, but also the type of outcome, in terms of its desirability.

We are talking about extending love and gratitude to people and situations. There are no barriers that the energy of love can not overcome, no distance it can not traverse in the blink of an eye, no time frame that it must operate within, no cultural differences it has to overcome to be effective. Love is the universal balm that all people can apply to a hurting world. We only need to focus our heart energy, on the people and situations which need help, and that collective, positive energy will  work to alter present and future circumstances. Those who are in close enough proximity, or who are emotionally moved by love, will be the front line people who feel compelled to give physical support, while the rest of the world will be giving “energetic support,” in the form of positive, loving energy, thereby setting a new direction and outcome for the circumstances which are taking place.

A lack of love is the only cause of the ills in this world, and raising the energy surrounding people and situations by sending them our collective, positive love energy, is the only cure capable of permanently improving life on Earth.