Are You Succumbing To The Pressure?

Sometimes life seems to heap one set of challenging circumstances upon another, and another, until we feel buried under the weight of our problems. What to do? That is always the question we ask ourselves. How can we get back to our happy, carefree self, and be free from the weight pressing down on us?

The answers are relatively simple, but the execution of them is not! This is because, it is ourselves we are always fighting against.

Let me explain.

When a healthy child is born into a loving family, that child is about as carefree as they will ever be in their life. From that point forward, they begin to take on the cares and burdens of the outside world,… not intentionally of course, but by a process of osmosis. That child is taught to buy into the value system of the people around them, and to make those values, their own. The problems of society become their problems. The challenges their employer faces, becomes their challenges. The struggles their family members and friends have, they feel obligated to share in.

That child’s peace and serenity is siphoned off at a little at a time, until by the time they are a full-grown adult, they can’t remember what it was like to be at peace with themselves. Regaining our serenity is really about detaching from some of the beliefs and values we’ve adopted, for lack of having better options, that aren’t serving our highest good. We have all been programmed to buy into, and feel responsible for, areas of life that have little to do with us.

Now, because we have been “taught what to value,” it is ourselves we fight against when we want to make significant changes or improvements in our life. We are now “conditioned,” and sometimes feel guilty or selfish for wanting to release certain beliefs, values, people or things from our life. Guilt is one of the strongest tools society uses, in order to keep people doing the things that society says, need to be done. A person who is a rebel, is not necessarily dysfunctional. They very well maybe a person who just hasn’t bought into the agenda of society as heavily as most other people. In order to solve your problems, just ask yourself how you would like things to be, then think about what you’re willing to let go of in your life, in order to release the problem.

Most problems are solved through our release of something, simply because they came into existence through an acquisition of something.

If you’re not willing to let something go, whether it be a belief, value or something physical, then don’t kid yourself. Nothing is going to change. Most people only make changes when enough outside pressure is applied. When it comes to voluntarily making changes that will make us feel better, our conditioning usually wins out over our desires.

Think about what I’ve said. Does it make sense to you? Are you committed to improving the quality of your life, or just engaging in wishful thinking? Only you know the answers to those questions.


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