Are Our Beliefs Important To Anyone, Other Than Ourselves?

Are our beliefs important to anyone, other than ourselves?

Yes they are, because our beliefs underwrite our actions, and once we move into action we can not help but interact with the people around us. Any idea that you can keep your beliefs from affecting other people, is in error.  It is really the energetic quality of our beliefs that determines whether or not they will benefit ourselves and others. When I speak of energetic quality, I am referring to a thoughts alignment to the energy of love. A whole lot of loving thoughts, become the base from which a whole lot of loving beliefs are constructed. Those beliefs become acted upon, and spread out into society as loving actions that benefit all who come into contact with them.

The human mind is the source of both our joy and discontent, and it is not a trivial thing which one pays attention to, simply as an afterthought. The mind, and not your favorite sports team, is the singular tool that shapes humanities destiny.

What you believe is vitally important, but as you f ind yourself becoming separated  from other people because of those beliefs, just remember that if your beliefs are of a high enough energetic quality, then love  will be your point of  focus,…not confrontation.