Personal Perspectives

It’s understandable that each of us has our own perspective on life based on personal experiences. That combination of belief and experience, can’t help but color our perspective. Perspectives however are simply the way each of us view the reality that is all around us. They can be either aligned with the very highest vibrational reality within creation, or not, as the case may be.  Saints, and mass murders both have their own perspective. Can they both be in alignment with the nature of reality, that is both life creating and supporting? Having a personal perspective is not much further down the road to accuracy of thought, than is having a personal opinion. So you have an opinion? So what? Who doesn’t?

You have a personal perspective, a personal opinion, or a belief,…but do you have the truth? If it’s not the truth, then what is it, and why are you promoting it? If it’s not the truth, can you be doing anyone a favor by verbalizing it? Yes diversity can be a good thing, and diversity of opinion adds color to the world. However, when the Air Bus is on final approach, do you want diversity of opinion between the pilot and co-pilot as to how to land the plane, or do you want agreement between them based on the truth of what works?  Personal perspectives don’t land planes. The only perspective that counts in some, if not all situations, is the one that is the most accurate, because it is aligned to truth.

God, love, truth, and ultimate reality, are all one and the same thing. There is an easy test to determine whether your perspective is truthful and therefore, beneficial or not. Simply ask yourself; To what degree Is this perspective promoting love, and truth?

So in life, we have paintings that represent good art, and bad art, and we have thoughts and beliefs that represent accurate perspectives, and error prone perspectives. Which do you gravitate towards?