The Importance Of Achieving Balance

I think most people understand the meaning of the word “balance,”  but they may not be aware of the importance that balance plays in each of our lives. If you consider that all things are energy, then everything simply becomes energy in a state of balance with itself. In order for energy to balance, the overall energetic characteristics of energy on one side, must be equal to the energy on the other side.

Energies of a dis similar nature, work to balance themselves out, no matter how much, or how dis similar they are. They will create a state of equilibrium sooner or later. That is what weather patterns are all about. It is the movement of energy in the process of achieving balance. Now lets talk about people, because they are energy as well.

All people feel that they have needs which must be fulfilled, and so there is the constant desire for each of us to meet those needs within a world community of other people who also have needs. This is where it gets tricky. When we give priority to our needs, over the needs of other people on a constant basis, then we are out of balance with the laws governing energy. Is there something special about either you or I, that would rightfully entitle us to have more of everything we need, while others have less? Obviously something is out of balance when this happens, and just like the weather, eventually something will shift either in the atmosphere or on a social basis, and the energetic correction will take place, sometimes with devastating consequences, such as a tornado, or an economic or political revolution.

The law of balance is so prevalent in our everyday life that no one gives it much thought, however, when you get out of balance in a big way, or for long periods of time, you’ll feel the effects. You may not recognize the cause, but you’ll feel the effects,…big time!