Is There Such A Thing As Truth?

Let’s talk a bit about truth. Do you think there is a God,….an intelligent, all powerful creative force that is responsible for the initial creation of all we know? If so, then would not that force, or being, hold within itself the supreme truth, since it created everything that you could apply the word truth to?

I hold that the creator of all truth, who I consider to be God, represents the truth in every way possible. Everything else is simply an approximation of the truth in varying degree. It is possible because of the illusory nature of our existence on Earth, to come closer to understanding divine truth than another person. Since so much of reality is hidden from us, we must learn to seek it out, and of course many people are not interested in being seekers after truth, and some who are, need more assistance than others.

Because things are hidden from us and not obvious, then the results people get with regards to truth, will be substantially different. Regardless of what your truth is, if it is not in exact alignment with the truth of God, then it is only an approximation of reality, which is what truth really is. God, truth, and ultimate reality are all one and the same thing.

Now, just as some people can teach you things you may not know, so too can they teach you higher truths, which you may not be aware of. This is not to say that your current truth doesn’t work for you, but everything can work better, and more efficiently, when you correct all error first. That is what truth is. It is free of all error, because it is of God.  This is why holding on too tightly to your truth, does not allow you to advance as quickly as you might. It is not a race however, and everyone sets their own pace for learning. Only you know when it is time to move on in life.

Well, that’s my truth, and I’m sticking to it!!!