How Much Of The World’s Business Is Your Business?

This is going to be a provocative post. Well,… that is my intention at least. The question that we’re going to be dealing with is

“how much of the world’s business is your business?”

When the government wants you to fight a war, suddenly everything related in any way to their objective,  becomes your business. In between wars, that same government would prefer all people to mind their own business, and stop meddling in affairs, that don’t concern us.

The phrase, “mind your own business,” probably sounds familiar to you. But what if you don’t actually have a business,….what do you mind then?

This topic is potentially so big, that I could, and should write a book about it. What we are really talking about here in this post, is the dual belief that we should each take care of ourselves, and let others do the same, or,… we should alleviate suffering whenever we can, and it is our moral obligation to do so.

So there you have it. Some people are standing on one side of the line, believing in free will, and might makes right, pulling on the rope in one direction, while the people on the other side who are holding contrary beliefs having to do with love, unity and compassion, are pulling on the rope in the opposite direction.

This tug of war, which at first seems to be against other people, is really an internal drama that is caused by the conflicted beliefs that each of us hold. Are we our brother or sisters keeper? Should I stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong? How much longer can the world,..can “I,…” continue to ignore what is obviously and morally correct?

Who am I to judge what is morally just? And if I am not fit to judge then how can I act? I need to wait for a leader who is strong and just. One I can get behind, and together we will correct what’s wrong with the world. 

The only trouble with that idea is that those type of leaders don’t come around all that often. They seem to be few and far between. So what really gets done? What changes,…who gets helped?

The task of improving the world seems so monumentally big that I think most people just give up, or place a fence around their own property, and try to live life isolated from the worlds problems, and the worlds people. Talk about this subject to people and you might get this response,…”Okay, so what are you doing about the problem.

The best defense is a good offence, and people will simply dismiss the issue by trying to disengage from it. Is it bad or depressing to report the things going on in the world that are not for every person’s highest good? Should everything be sun, fun, and roses, because that is all people really want to hear? How can we fix anything, if none of us is willing to admit there is a problem?

I am as guilty of this as anyone. My motto is “never volunteer for anything! (yes, I was in the armed forces, where I perfected that belief)! Do I have answers? You bet I do. All positive outcomes start with what you believe, and so the answers are all inside of us waiting to be called forth, hopefully before everything goes into crisis lock down!

I stand by my belief that all people have free will, but we don’t, and can’t live in isolation from each other. What we do on a daily basis is going to impact other people, no matter how hard we try to live in isolation. The Earth is a really a small place, and it now has more people living on its surface than at any time in history. Can we really afford to continue thinking about life, this planet, and each other, as we have been doing in the past?

The answers lie not in how we think, but in what we are thinking, and the acts that come about as a result of our beliefs. A good example of this is the belief that, the devil, or satan (no capitalization,…please!) is working to undermine God and his plans for humanity. This is the kind of thinking that dis-empowers people, making them wait for a leader who will do for them, the things they should have been doing for themselves!

Beliefs  that are not grounded in the truth of reality, as it is created by God, are problematic. Problems are opportunities to grow in moral stature, and conscious awareness. Global problems are solved in direct proportion to the number of people who hold the most love on the planet within themselves. God love and truth all merge into “oneness,…unity.”

How much of the world’s business is your business? It’s a powerful question that can start a person thinking about what the quality of life might degrade to in the next 50 years, if we don’t make a:

“right turn,…clyde!”