The Power Of Belief

In this post I want to point out some important aspects about beliefs that maybe are unfamiliar to you.

The first idea I want to convey is that, “we are what we believe.

What do I mean by that?

Well, what I mean is that, each of us identifies so closely with what we believe, that there is no separation between who we are, and what we believe. Subconsciously to us, they are one and the same.

Now the impact of this is evident when people start sharing their beliefs with each other. People are emotional, “feeling” creatures, and so when we share ideas, we end up feeling either better or worse for having done so. Secondly,….because “I am what I believe,” that means if you don’t like my beliefs, then you don’t like me,…because my beliefs are who I am in this moment in time. Now maybe you can recall back to when your own beliefs were criticized, and you came away feeling dis-empowered as a result.

Combine these sets of dynamics with the fact that humanity as a whole, believes a diverse, and sometimes opposing group of beliefs, and you have a recipe for conflict on a global scale unless people are very aware of a few key ideas.

The first idea is that it’s okay to believe whatever you want as long as it’s effects don’t extend out beyond yourself. Once what you believe starts impacting other people, then you should be impacting them for their highest good,…with their permission of course! Yes, I know,….this is all pie in the sky thinking! Just like love,….

Being mindful of people’s feelings is no hardship, if you love people. Being friendly and conciliatory is no hardship if you love people. Keeping a balance between our needs and those of other people, is no hardship if you love people. Love is the key. When it comes to beliefs, there are not beliefs which are correct or incorrect, there are only beliefs which are less loving or more loving.

An example of a “more” loving beliefs is; regardless of what each of us thinks or believes, if we stay centered in love, we’ll both come away feeling better about ourselves and each other.