You Can’t Disprove The Existence Of God

A person can not prove that God does not exist, for the reason that in a hierarchy of reality, where consciousness rules, one would have to be able to disprove the existence of lesser orders of reality, before attempting, or being able to disprove the existence of “all” reality, which is what God really is. Therefore, in starting to prove or disprove the nature of God, one should first be able to prove that “they themselves exist!” Otherwise, you are ill-equipped to proceed further! Unfortunately, one can not use themselves, or any of their senses, as part of the proof, or process of proving you exist.

You have yet to actually prove you exist,…so using self-generated and self-validated data from your physical senses, or your mind, would be equal to using data from a questionable source, because after all, the whole experiment is about whether or not you exist at all?.

So if you start your analysis or study, with the foregone conclusion that “you already exist, by making use of all your physical senses and mental faculties,” then your whole experiment is a foregone conclusion, in favor of a predetermined outcome!

In other words, your scientific experiment, is no experiment at all, because you have a bias in favor of your belief that you exist! To properly set out to prove you exist, you would have to first eliminate the use of your physical body, senses, mind and your consciousness, (that part of you which is self-aware). Once you have done that, then you are ready to start your experiment, with one condition, it is you and only you, performing this experiment! You can get others to assist you, “as long as you don’t use your body, senses, mind, or consciousness, to enlist their aid,” otherwise you invalidate the whole experiment!

Now I defy you to name any experiment ever done, where the person conducting the experiment was not personally involved in it in some way! The point here is this. The ego attitude within the scientific community, which exists at all levels, is such that some scientists feel they are fully qualified to make statements regarding the highest order of universe reality, which we should take seriously, when they cannot even prove the existence of a lower order of reality, that being themselves using their own methodology! Being that there it is only one God, but over seven billion people, you would think the idea of proving your own existence would be easy!

To expand on my idea, one can say for certain that, “if you cannot prove you exist, then you cannot rely on any data generated by the results of your inquiry, as proof that anyone, or anything else exists!” Now how profound and far-reaching is that statement? People will for the most part, think this whole concept is ridiculous, only because it screws up all the established scientific basis for experimentation and thought. It is very inconvenient for science, and people in general, to start thinking along these lines. However, one can not circumvent the reality that all scientific data has to be interpreted by the mind of the scientist, in order for a conclusion to be reached about the relevance of the data. This is where “perception” enters into a process which is usually promoted as being, scientifically unbiased.

Now personally, I have come up with a few creative proofs that I exist, like dialing 777-beer and having my order delivered to “Me”, or not paying bills, and getting a red-letter delivered to “Me,” or the best proof of all, getting presents with “My” name on them from Santa! Also if you have children, we will also cut you some slack and allow you to use them as proof you exist, however, we rescind that privilege if you have a mailman in your area!