Ebook Promotion

cover20170OK, I have something to say about this topic, and like many of my ideas, they may go against the grain of what most people hold to be true,…so what’s new? Over the years I’ve been in car sales, home improvement sales, door to door sales , boiler-room telemarketing sales, MLM sales, and now internet sales. I have read more motivational books written from a sales perspective, than I can easily recall, and even today I still own a good number of them. In my opinion, any sales philosophy is the cumulative effect of the moral beliefs of the populace, at any given point in time.

People rise or fall no higher or lower than their current beliefs will allow. Consequently, people believe ideas that are either antiquated, current, or futuristic. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with sales, or human-nature in general, you might be unlucky enough to latch onto sales ideas that have been around since the time of the great depression. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago when businesses employed small children in sweat shops and made them work very long hours with little food and for paltry wages. In those days, the beliefs that people held about what constituted the appropriate methods of doing business, reflected the conscious and morality, of the people of that era.

That being said, one must stay aware of what level of consciousness they are practicing in their sales activities. Old out dated ideas about sales don’t just disappear, they are still around, and many people are unwittingly using them. There is much advice out there that sounds reasonable, and many people will tell you, how they made a fortune using this exact same technique. The question is, “who should you believe?”

Let me explain an idea that is key to your future success. A good number of people try to sell or push, ideas or programs that they say will, generate success, if you just follow their system. They have done all the really hard work, carved out a path for you to follow, and all you have to do is send them your $29.99 and you’ll be “golden.” What you may not be aware of is that, even if you thought and acted today, in the same manner as the 5% of the people who hold the bulk of the world’s wealth, that won’t guarantee you’ll achieve their results.

Why not?

The reason is that, all outcomes are the result of specific thoughts and actions which took place in time and space, in accordance with people and conditions which existed at that time. This means that what worked 50 years ago for someone, probably won’t work for you. All thoughts and actions however, can be broken down into principles, which are universal and endure over time. Principles which align with natural law and support the highest good of everyone, (and not just your own good,) are worth emulating. These principles are just as powerful today, as when they were first created.

So how can I apply these principles to promoting of ebooks’?

Well first you have to know about them, so here are a few off the top of my head in no special order.

Principle #1: Balance

This principle is everywhere in nature. As far as book promotion and sales go, it means trading something of value, (your ebook,) for something of equal value, (usually money). Giving your book away free. in hopes of getting paid on your future efforts, violates this principle because it generates an out of balanced condition. Additionally, when you are happy about not having to pay for a book, (which is the fruit of someones labor,) you’re also in violation of this principle.

Principle #2: Service

This principles is based on the truth that all people are of equal worth, and so are entitled to be adequately compensated for their labor. Unless your reading appliance was a gift, then we can assume that you had to pay for it, and there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t pay people for the ebooks that you load into that ebook reader. People who write books are entitled to be compensated for their efforts and their time.

Principle #3: Value

Nature always delivers the greatest and highest value, according to the conditions which exist at the time. This principle states that you need to establish the true value of your book, and hold to that value. This also means that, (according to the law of balance,) a $10.00 book must deliver more value, then and 99¢ book. It is a mistake to under price your book, because its price reflects its value.

Principle #4: Quality

Nature always produces the highest quality, in accordance with conditions which exist at the time. In this case we are talking about the quality of the customer base your trying to create. Why would anyone try to accumulate a large customer base of people, to whom a 99¢ purchase, represents a major buying decision? In effect you’re trying to create a large customer base who, don’t have or want to spend money. Consider also that, they don’t believe in fair value, because if they did, then they would be willing to pay more for your book.

Principle #5: Quantity

Nature always produces the most quantity, in accordance with conditions which exist at the time. This principle is revealing that it is natural to be a prolific creator, and you multiply your chances of coming into the public eye, and selling books, exponentially, by having multiple books for sale, as opposed to having just one. Keep writing because it reveals the strength of your intent to succeed.

Principle #6: Exposure

This principle defines that, the more exposure your book gets, the greater the possibility that it will sell. Fortune 500 companies have no qualms about getting in your face with their products. Maybe you should think about emulating their strategy, because you only need to look around at all the things you’ve purchased, that you just couldn’t live with out, to see that what they do works!

Principle #7: Unsolicited Advertising

Any notion that social sites are strictly for socializing, is in error. Social sites were created first and foremost, to generate income for their owner slash / creator. It is the people who use the site for noncommercial use, who promote the idea it shouldn’t contain advertising. Feel free to use social sites for the same reason they were created, and that is, to make money.

These are just a few of the ideas that all stem from the principal that, we were all created by the same source, from the same core substance, at the same time, and that we therefore, all have the same value. This is why all business activities between people should be equitable. When the mentality of business is to get as much for a product as the public will allow, then the public will try to protect itself by buying products and services for as little money as possible.

People need to understand that some principles which also apply to business activities, are based on natural laws that can not be changed or circumvented. People get the best results when they fall into line with the way life really works.

I may have more to say on this topic in the future, but I think this is enough information for most people to take in.