The Importance Of Human Consciousness

The importance and impact of consciousness on life itself can barely be adequately expressed, and is even less likely to be fully understood by the majority of people. This is because the topic of consciousness is rarely a topic of discussion in our everyday lives. The truth of the matter is that, consciousness is not something, “it is everything!” Without it you would not exist, so let’s not dismiss the thing that humanity’s very existence hinges on, as being unreal or mundane.

So what is consciousness?

The easiest, (although not necessarily the most accurate) way to describe consciousness would be to say that, it is the invisible medium or carrier of both knowledge (truth), and information (approximate truth or perceptual truth.)

Since God is the source of all, and God is singular in it’s nature, then God is the source of all consciousness. It is our individual consciousness which makes human thought possible by dividing itself in a way that appears to give the individual autonomy. This is only partially true, in the same way that many other aspects of reality here on Earth our partially true. The truth is that your individual consciousness is still connected to, and supported by, God’s singular consciousness. This is what makes telepathy between people, and communication with God and spirit possible. All things are one thing, and that one thing is the Creator.

Thought is the activity that precedes everything on Earth. You can easily see that when you look at people in a coma, who are not very active or productive,…testifying to the importance of thought and consciousness.

Many “logical types” would say that, “this information has no basis in fact or reality.” What they do not realize and appreciate is that, it is consciousness itself which makes it possible for them to think in the first place. One can hardly critique a seemingly outrageous theory, if they lose their ability to think.

These people always start with the premise that they “can and do think,” then they move forward from there. However, they are really starting the race from a point far down the track from the starting line. They do not start at the beginning, which really has to do with “how” a person is able to think, not “what” they are thinking!

Everything physical, and probably spiritual has consciousness, because it is consciousness that is the medium that holds the information, which causes physical matter to form into specific elements or shapes, or to follow certain patterns of behavior. Individual consciousness will always receive the information it needs for its existence and continued survival. People have access to vast amounts of knowledge which is sourced within God consciousness, and they can access it by “vibrationally aligning” to the information they want.

What does it mean to”vibrationally align” to the information you want?

It means that if you want to understand the highest level of mathematics possible, then you have to prepare your mind, by first learning the mathematics available at all levels here on Earth. Once you’ve done that, then you are prepared to receive and understand new, “higher” mathematical concepts, held within God consciousness. This is how the evolution of pure consciousness works. In order to receive more, one must be sure they are already making full use of the information they have already been given.

Consciousness supports knowledge, (truth, law) in the manifestation and continuing existence of all physical matter, which means you! God consciousness is the aspect of the Creator which is responsible for the dissemination of knowledge (law) to the individual, lower orders of creation. Many of you might think that the topic of consciousness is rather dry, but without God consciousness, which gave rise to your seemingly individual consciousness, you wouldn’t be thinking at all!

How can I prove all this information?

My question to you in turn would be, “how can you validate any proof, when you use a mind in total ignorance of how it functions?” If you don’t know how your mind works, then how can you have any idea if it is working properly or accurately? Find out how your mind really works before you start trying to use it to validate things that are far more complex, than the workings of your thought process!

People would be better off devoting their energy to understanding themselves, because your body and personality are a microcosm of the universe itself. Once you know “who you are,” you’ll understand far more about the nature of God and his creations.