Destination: Happiness (or parts thereabouts)

Happiness is a choice, a choice we make every day on a conscious level, until over time, it becomes our habitual state  of being, whose root cause is the programming we have created, that is now working from our subconscious level.

Fine,…that may be working for you, but you don’t have my challenges! Try living my life and then we’ll see how happy you are!

I would like to think that I understand your frustration, but maybe if you considered a few ideas, it might help you salvage more joy out of your day.

In the first place, there are very few people in the world who move from birth to death without encountering problems, challenges, and even tragedy. No one has a monopoly on problems, trouble, grief or tragedy. You’re simply another face in the crowd, in that regard.

Secondly, consider that people do not act identically to life’s problems. Some people surmount them, sometimes with relative ease, and other people become overwhelmed by them, and sink into a deep state of depression. The reason for this has partially to do with who they are, and their dominant state of being prior to having a problem. It also has to do with how each individual views the circumstances they have created. The conditions of life don’t have any pre-ascribed meaning to them, and so each person is free to attach whatever meaning they like to the situation they are encountering. Therefore, your choice to veiw any circumstance as a problem, as well as the level of the problem’s severity, is totally a personal decision, created by your mind. It has nothing to do with circumstances, which themselves are impartial.

So much of our life has to do with our conditioned responses, but who is doing the conditioning? Each of us has either taken the responsibility for our own personal programming, or we are letting ourselves be programmed, by relatives, friends, the media, by government. Happiness is initially a choice to take control of your own personal programming until such time as it is working for you on auto pilot. In the meantime, every conscious choice we make to be happy, works to bring more good things into our life, that energetically vibrate at that same frequency level.

When your higher self lets you know that you have strayed from your main goal of happiness, be gentle with yourself. Just smile and say, “thank you,” do a course correction, and continue sailing on in the direction of your goal, which is happiness.


Personal And Global Relationships

The idea that you don’t drop bombs on people you’re trying to become friendly with, needs very little explanation, wouldn’t you agree?

As humans, we all live on the same planet in relationship to it, and to each other, therefore, all our issues of importance, become secondary to the single objective of achieving good relations with one another. Once you have achieved good relations with another person or country, you’ll find that most of your issues will become extinct! You may now be thinking that I have the cart before the horse, and that, solving our most prevalent issues  is what actually leads to good relationships. That is a natural line of thinking that the world promotes, which defines exactly why we “don’t” have good relationships with one another.

When our global energy, intent and focus, is spread out over a million different issues, the objective of achieving good relationships becomes “subservient to the settling of those same issues,” and as a result, achieving good relationships with each other becomes simply a theoretical dream, that has become globally, very hard to achieve. Alternately, when we all make the idea of achieving good relations with each other, “our primary objective,” then all our major issues become subservient to our main goal of achieving good relations with each other.

Now we are in a position where we can can ask ourselves the question, “does bombing this village or town back into the stone-age, support our major goal of achieving good relations with these same people?” When every single political economic, or ecological action we think to undertake, becomes viewed in terms of our single objective of achieving good relations with one another, the actions we ultimately end up taking become beneficial, because we are choosing the highest good for the greatest number of people.

So achieving good relationships with people, comes about as a result of having that goal as your primary objective. The rest has to do with asking the right questions, such as, “will this idea or action take us closer to, or further away from, our major objective of achieving good relationships, on both an individual and global scale?”

Currently, you may be thinking that this concept is way too simplistic to be effective, and equally hard to implement. It is a whole lot easier to simply do nothing, and stay within our current system, which has been proven itself over thousands of years to be totally ineffectual! Understand that large power structures have no intent or desire to change the status-quo, and that real change for the better usually starts with some grassroots movement, which over time, has garnered a lot of individual support, and become a force to be reckoned with.

The world is a great place in 2016, and it is getting better because of the easy way we’re able to share information with each other. Now is the time to analyze the information we have been fed in the past, to determine if it is still relevant and factual, in the world of tomorrow, that we want to construct.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that world issues are a smokescreen, and a hindrance to the goal of achieving world peace, because of the way they diffuse our focus and energy over a very broad expanse of petty issues of far lesser importance, which are usually based on regional self-interest. Relationships are what life is really all about, and achieving good relationships with one another is what makes life work, and so it should be our first and foremost goal.