Truth Has No Relationship To Numbers

54 – Truth Has No Relationship To Numbers

There is a prevalent belief within society, which has people convinced that the more people who believe in an idea, the more likely it is that the idea will be true. There is some merit in thinking this way, but not very much. Essentially social consciousness is aligning itself with the idea that a million, or five hundred million, or even a billion people who all hold to the same idea, can’t be wrong. What is happening is that they are confusing the belief that there is “strength in numbers,” with the idea of infallibility, based on those numbers. At one time almost the whole world believed the world was flat, today people believe the exact opposite. Obviously then, the amount of people who held to the idea of a flat Earth, had no bearing on the truth of the matter. Where people today fall down is in their forgetfulness of what the past has already taught us. Today almost the whole world believes that competition is the preferred method of doing business. Regardless of the number of people who believe this to be true, they are wrong! Cooperative business practices are the only way that everyone can benefit equally, long-term. The lesson for us all to learn is that, the number of people who believe an idea, does not ensure its accuracy, correctness, or alignment to universe reality. Everyone who uses a compass that is off by ten degrees, will experience the same degree of inaccuracy, just as they will when they use an “idea” that is not one hundred percent accurate. Additionally, one person of high knowledge such as Jesus, could be correct, regardless of what the world thinks to the contrary.
The important points to remember in this chapter are that, millions of people have been wrong in the past with regards to an idea, and this trend will continue. Better to be a party of one who has it right, then one of the misguided crowd.