Just Kicking It Around

Who was Jesus,…who is Christ? The only begotten son of God? Now are God, Christ and the Holy Spirit all eternal? Then what have this trio been doing for  trillions, upon trillions of years? Do you really think that it took God an eternity to come up with the idea of creating humanity? That would make him either a slow learner, or under motivated,  by anyone’s standards!

Some people actually believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old! I mean ,…come on people! Carbon dating is not dead accurate, but it can’t be that far off! If God is eternal, and we are less than 6000 years old, then explain to me what God has been doing with his free time? You know, if you have a theory, and place it in a box, then you only have to explain your theory as it relates to the things in your box. But when you take your theory and place it in the context of the rest of Creation, then suddenly, your theories don’t hold much water anymore.

The Earth and humanity, represent such a tiny portion of creation, yet people envision humanity as representing most of it! Religion is so about ,”in the box thinking.” Their explanations barely make sense of the little bit of life that is taking place inside the box. Outside the box, where the rest of creation resides, religion has no clue, and no answers to the deeper questions people ask.

So you only have one life,..and you managed to make it to heaven,…congratulations,….now what? Tell me. You’re going to be with God for eternity now right? So what is on the agenda? Eternity is a very long, long time, and you get bored very, very quickly,…so what are you going to do?

You don’t have a clue do you,…cause you have never thought that far ahead. Oh,… hasn’t the church laid it all out in detail for you? “Not!” They are just as clueless as you are about what you’ll be doing. All everyone is concerned about is making it out of here in one piece. Being “saved.” After that, who knows and who cares.

All right,…time for some constructive thinking. This is the end of an age,…so who knows what will happen, but normally most of you would be returning back to Earth, after a short stay in the next higher dimensional level. This is a pattern that keeps repeating (with your consent) until such time as you have reached the goals you have set for yourself. After which you can move on to other things. So no,…you won’t just be hanging out with J.C.

Oh and by the way,..as bad as it may seem here at times,….this is the best it has ever been here on Earth!