Don’t Look Too Closely

People for the most part don’t like to be introspective. Why? Because it’s like putting our ego under a microscope where we can see what is really happening. We don’t like doing reruns of our temper tantrums, our angry words, and our  immature behavior. None of us like being the central focus of anything that will shed negative light on our ego. We even have rules regarding our ego behavior. Apparently someone determined its rude behavior to point a finger at another person. It singles them out I guess, and makes them feel uncomfortable. Why? Because they are uncomfortable with their own ego and its behavior! It’s also bad writing form to be continually writing “you, you, you,” for the very same reason. People don’t like to look at them selves too closely, probably because they’re not proud of what they see. Some people don’t like themselves very much, and they don’t like to be reminded of that fact!

Where did this behavior come from, and who made up all these rules?

I’m a rebel. When I come across a rule I don’t like, whether it’s written or unwritten, I think, “who is the bozo who made up this rule, and who made them God?” Consider asking yourself why you tend to just go along with convention, rather than asking yourself the real reason for all this nonsense? Be a rebel occasionally, and point your finger at a few people and see if it doesn’t annoy them. Use the word “you” a lot, focus on “them” instead of you, push a few buttons, and you’ll see what a hold the ego has over people. Then realize that, “you’re a people too!”
Yes, …”you.”