What Is Your Idea Of God

I want to use as a point of focus, your individual perception of God.

Obviously this pertains to those people who do believe in God, and so the question I am putting to my readers is,”how do you view God?”

Do you view God as being perfect, Or flawed?

Is God male, female, or sexless?

Is God all-powerful, or impotent?

Is God the source of all knowledge, or not?

Who’s perception of God do you carry around in your head,….your own, or one that belongs to someone else?

It is impossible to make sense of the world you live in, if you have a skewed view about the nature of its creator. Of course all misconceptions about God eventually straighten themselves out once your back on the other side,….but wouldn’t it be nice to get it right while we are still on Earth? So,…obviously the world is a study in contrast, to put it mildly. Is this a divine plan gone wrong, or one that has been sabotaged,….or is it unfolding perfectly, because it was created to be exactly what it is?

It all depends on who you listen to,..doesn’t it. But the real question is, “why are you listening to anyone other than yourself?” Do you really think that you can go to university and come out the other side significantly wiser about God. “Programmed about God,” yes, but wiser,….I don’t think so,…not in most cases.

Everyone has equal access to God, and there is no way you can buy your way into a relationship with God, or even study your way into a relationship with him/her/it. If I told you God was energy, then the next question would be,…”how do you form a relationship with energy?” Ah,…but it’s also consciousness, and intellect, and knowledge, and wisdom, and love, and motion.

What is your perception about God? Whatever it is defines what is possible for you,…but only you.