Try To Be Efficient With Your Time

63 – Try To Be Efficient With Your Time

One of the characteristics of an orderly mind is its efficient use of personal and natural resources. There’s an old saying that says, “if you can be good with a little, you’ll be great with a lot.” This concept is really referring to the use a person is currently making of their present resources. The efficient use of your time is certainly not the sole element that makes up the concept of success, but it is an indicator of where you are mentally when it comes to using all your personal resources. Success is often as much an attitude, as it is an action, and if a person is intent on achieving their goals, then due consideration should be paid to the proven methods that have worked for people in the past. We’re not necessarily speaking of actions here, because successful actions are activities which occur in space and time. What has worked for other people at one time in the past, may not work for you, because of the fact that all life is constantly changing. Those conditions which existed at the time which worked favorably for others, no longer exist in the same way they did in the past. Time has moved on, and even though things and conditions may outwardly look the same, they’re not. What we’re really saying is that, you should try to replicate the “principles” that successful people have used in the past, and not necessarily their actions. Efficiency with your time is one such important principle, because each person has just so many days in their hourglass of life, and no more. Of course efficiency with your time is not an excuse to start fretting or worrying about what you’re doing with it, because that is counter productive. The best approach is simply to be aware that time is a dwindling resource, and that we should monitor what we are doing with it, so that we can get the most out of each day.

The important points to remember in this chapter are that, our personal time is a limited resource, and that our efficiency with it is indicative of our attitude and actions in other areas of our life. Trying to duplicate the past successful actions of others is not an efficient use of our time, because of the fact that life is continually changing. A better use of our time would be to replicate the principles those successful people used, because principals reflect the effects of natural law, which are always a constant in life.