Every Day Is A New Day

59 – Every Day Is A New Day

It’s nice to know that we have the opportunity to start each new day  with a fresh perspective, free from the prejudices and judgments of the past. This can be the jumping off place for a whole new journey for us, that can lead to a level of happiness we may never have reached before. The rising of the sun at the start of each new day is really a symbol of our ability to change the direction of our thoughts and beliefs at anytime. We’re not locked into any particular course except by the beliefs we hold within our mind. Once we consider an idea to be true, then we will follow it like a river to its end. Our mind can see no other choice but to follow its truth, even though doing so can sometimes be detrimental. Truth at the highest level only resides with God, and is singular and undeviating. At any level below that, truth is both perceptual and experiential for each individual, and rises in energetic value until it equals the truth of the Creator. Each new day is an opportunity to leave behind the limiting values and beliefs we may hold, and substitute them for thoughts and values that have a much closer alignment to love. When we do this we create a momentum of loving thought and action that benefits not only ourselves, but also those around us.

The important points to remember in this chapter are that, each new day reveals itself as an opportunity to better our lives. We accomplish this by releasing our past hurts and judgments, and by raising the energetic quality of our beliefs to higher levels of love and truth.