What Are You Grateful For

In this post I’d like to talk a little bit about gratitude. At one time in my past, I never used to give the idea of gratitude much thought. If I was grateful then it was probably a subconscious thing for me, and not something I dwelt on to any great extent. Today I am consciously aware that all things are composed of energy, including ourselves, and so everything can be looked at from the standpoint of, “the type of energy it is exhibiting.” This means that everything has an energy characteristic or signature, which represents its current state of being.

When we apply this fact to ideas and beliefs, we quickly see that positive ideas lead to positive beliefs, and loving ideas lead to loving beliefs. Unfortunately,  negative ideas steeped in fear, lead to loveless beliefs and actions that cause a lot of misery in society. Gratitude is an energetically high idea that you’ll encounter on your journey, before you reach the idea of love.

You can consider love and truth to be at the top of the energetic pyramid, while joy, gratitude, compassion, charity, empathy, and a host of other emotional states of being, lie in the levels below. Now if you seem to have a run of good luck, would you feel grateful? The real question is who would you feel grateful to, if you thought that fate was the source of your good fortune? Is there really any reason to feel grateful if no one is responsible for the goodness that seemingly falls into your lap? Does gratitude really have an application if you are a party of one?

In my opinion, gratitude is tied to the recognition that someone else has been the source of supply for whatever you feel grateful for, and of course the total supplier of everything in our lives is God, who sits at the very top of the energy pyramid. God, love and truth define the very nature of our existence, and gratitude is really a reflection of our understanding of that fact.