Saving People From Biblical Tyranny

There is no doubt that the Christian Bible is a monumentally important book, a historic book. One that reveals truth on a level that exceeds most people’s ability to comprehend it. Is It Gods word? In my opinion, no it is not! This does not mean that you should ignore its teachings, or discard the book altogether. So before you all get your knickers in a twist, let me explain my thoughts on the matter.

Lets start off with Jesus Christ who left no writings at all that we can follow. He was on what was arguably, the most important mission in human history, and he did not have anyone in an official capacity documenting his mission as it was unfolding. Right there the alarm bells should be going off. Why would anything that a person might write years later from memory, be considered more acceptable and accurate, than something a person could write about Christ, as the words were coming out of his mouth?
Were not even going to go into the ability of spirit to convey accurate writings to people, however if you’ll remember, Moses had a first edition copy of the “ten commandments,” and apparently Joseph Smith had a first edition copy of the “Golden Plates,” so getting Gods word “hot of the press” via spirit, is “doable.” But apparently not for Gods son! You may draw your own conclusions about what I have said here.

Lets move now to why I don’t believe the Bible is the “direct” word of God. If you go to Genesis, you’ll see that each time God spoke, his word and his will created some aspect of the world. Essentially it is conveying the power behind the word and will of God. The key thought here is “word and will.” Gods will represents both law and motivation, while his word represents the energy that manifests everything. It is a two-part process, just as it is with us. Moving to the Bible, you can not believe that God can fail in any capacity to have his word and will made manifest, if it is truly God we are talking about. There is no such thing as an ineffectual God. Any idea that God could fail in any capacity, is indicative of a lower order of understanding about the nature of God and his created reality.And by the way, apparently the first Christians were able to make it into heaven without the bible, which was yet to be created,…I guess they were grandfathered in, or something!

Jesus was always mentioning his “father in heaven” and that was the central point of his mission, which was to bring people to a greater understanding of God, and his created reality. Of course he had to do it within the context of what people of that day could understand. Jesus did not make the religious teachings of the day a substitute for God, nor would he make the religious teachings of this day and age, or the Bible, a substitute for God. When you get to heaven (if that is your goal) would you like them to hand you a copy of the Bible and say, “here is your God,…cosey up!” And while we’re on the subject of heaven,…where the hell is that?

Look,…on Earth there is a wide variance in physical and intellectual ability. None of us are clones of each other. During any particular incarnation, some of us knit socks (not me) and some of us build nuclear reactors (also not me). This means that our interests are all over the map,…but supposedly our interests and understanding of God is supposed to be equal,….NOT!!! Now none of this matters at all except when it comes down to how we are treating each other, then it matters big time!

The Bible is a starting place for getting to know God, but not the only one by any means, and it is certainly not a finishing place, or the last word. It does contain truth, but not all truth, because the truth of God could never be put into one volume of the size of the Bible. In closing, just remember that Gods word works hand in hand with his will, and if God has a desire for something, then it is already done, because God is not subject to time and space, as is everything within creation.