Altering Your Mood

Altering your mood once you’ve been overcome with negativity, can be a challenge. Your emotions are similar to a ladder, in that it’s not possible to move up or down the ladder more than a few rungs at a time. If you feel depressed or angry, you would probably like to find some relief, and return to your more normal state of being. Possibly you don’t know how to accomplish this feat, with any degree of ease. In this post I will give you just a few pointers, which will allow you to return to your normal self in less time than it might otherwise take you. Your first goal is to identify the thought which is causing your distress, this is crucial. Knowing which thoughts caused your current emotional state, will allow you to avoid repeating those thoughts. The second goal is to de-stress by taking deep  breaths which will help you relax. Don’t hyperventilate just let the breaths out in a way that feels relaxing. Do this until you feel some relief. If you know how to meditate, then do that also, until you feel emotionally neutral.
Lastly,once your emotionally neutral, then you can proceed to visualize anything of a positive, desirable nature. Specifically, something that you find joyful, and would like to manifest. Quicksand, and poison ivy are both nasty stuff. When you accidentally encounter them, do you avoid them, or do you repeatedly return to them over and over? When it comes to negativity, you should avoid it as much as possible, and not return to those thoughts which created your foul mood. Substitute some desirable thought, for some undesirable one, and try to maintain your focus there. One last thing I’d like to mention, these are useful techniques, but they are not a substitute for understanding yourself.


What Is Life All About

I can tell you what life in general is all about, but not exactly what your life is about. Your life is personal and unique to you, yet it still must fall within the larger plan that contains all life. Is there a larger plan, and if there is, how can I be so sure? Well life has patterns that reveal themselves as probabilities or tendencies. Place a crook in a bank vault all alone with a million dollars, turn off all the alarms and video cameras, then consider whether or not he’ll steal any money, and if he does, will he just take twenty dollars, or as much as he can carry out? You can see the big picture of life and tell with some degree of accuracy in which direction it’s headed, by looking at its tendencies.

Life must have a propensity for creation and survival. If life evolved from some gas and bacteria, then why didn’t it self destruct, instead of propagate? Over billions of years, why has life evolved and increased instead of regressed and decreased? Life it appears, seems to be slightly biased toward being creative, positive and loving. All life is energy, but energy has to have a source, and life has to have a design. Life is just too big for the average human mind to understand how a singular entity could be responsible for it all. But our mental limitations at comprehending the universe, do not limit its creator in any way.

So what is life all about? At the level of nature, life is all about nature fulfilling its natural function and design. At the human level, life is about evolving humanity learning to peacefully coexist, by choosing peace and love above all else. At the personal level, your life is about fulfilling your plan for this incarnation, which is a joint venture between your Earthly identity, your higher self, and God.

When you combine the idea of eternity, with the idea of life having certain dominant tendencies and characteristics, then you can see that without life having a natural inclination to procreate and evolve,….it never would have gotten out of the starting blocks. The fallacy that most people believe is that, knowledge is a learned thing, instead of it being something that has been shared with you from a much higher source. No human is ever the source of knowledge,…ever! They simply become a channel that brings knowledge onto the earth plain from a much higher level, for the benefit of all.