Some Thoughts On Increasing Your level Of Happiness



Greetings, to those of you who have found your way to this site. Our objective for this site and post, is to give people strategies, which if used, will substantially enhance the quality of their lives, as well as expound on the nature of spiritual reality and its influence on people. To that end we would like to talk just a little in this post about a way to improve your level of happiness.
This improvement starts with an awareness that listening to something, or exposing yourself to some aspect of life which causes you to feel good, is a worthy and worthwhile venture, but not as worthy as the ability to take yourselves to that state of being whenever you desire, or as worthy as the act of raising your dominant personal vibration up to a higher level that you can sustain.

Strategies for being continually happy, start in the mind, and are supported by  spiritual aspects of life that are external to yourself. You would not open the front door of your home and let the general public walk through whenever they desired, leaving dirt and refuse in their wake, and so your minds should receive at the very least, an equal consideration. Your mind has the ability to direct the course of your life or manifest some greater good into it, yet some of you open your mind to the tramp of thoughts of the collective, thereby taking your most precious asset and rendering it far less effective under the weight of the negativity you allow to be heaped upon it.

We encourage you to start treating your mind as the most valuable asset you possess, and to begin being far more selective about the thoughts, sights and sounds you expose yourself to, and make part of your consciousness. Once people start giving due consideration to the thoughts and images they allow themselves to dwell on, then their overall level of happiness will start to rise, sometimes dramatically. You can see this clearly simply by diluting a glass of colored water with clear water. You find that the one either displaces the other, or the original liquid becomes less dominate.

Either way,  you can consider “positive input into your mind” to be the very first step one can take, on the pathway to increasing their level of happiness.

Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.