Cultivate Your Garden



Greetings. Today our thoughts will move toward a method people may use to increase their level of joy. Our method will use any flower or vegetable garden, as an analogy for cultivating more joy in your life. Just like your garden, the mind requires a certain amount and type of energy input, before it will yield usable, desirable results.

The nutrients in your garden’s soil are equal to the type of energy represented by the thoughts and beliefs, which occupy your mind. Gardens may grow unattended on their own, but their growth becomes hampered by the addition of weeds, which you did not intentionally plant. So it is with your mind, which must contend with many aspects of life and it did not initiate, or desire to become aware of.

The cultivation of both your garden and your mind is necessary then, in order to maximize the full potential of both. Your garden needs positive energy in the form of sunshine, water, soil nutrients, and constant weeding, in order to yield the greatest harvest. Our minds need positive energy in the form of sunshine, exercise, a healthy diet, and loving thoughts.

Visualization is a powerful tool we can use to create a garden of Eden in our minds, which is a place we can mentally construct where everything is just as we would like to be. This is our haven we’re able to retreat to, in order to feel more joy. We can modify and expand our vision, and as we do it increases its ability to alter our emotions, allowing us to experience a greater sense of well-being. This is but one method you may employ to experience joy whenever you so desire.
Remember, joy starts and resides in the mind, not out there in the world.

Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.