Can Young People Still Make It Today?

Can young people today, still make it in this world economy? That is an interesting question. First lets define what I mean by the phrase “make it.” By that, I mean happiness, financial security, and emotional stability. Well, given the current state of the world, there never was a time when youth was really making it in those terms. It’s such a have and have not world, and unfortunately most people fall into the have not category, and the difference between people is only in the degree that they occupy that category. This is due mainly to the fact that the world is constructed as a socioeconomic pyramid, and there is only just so much room at the top levels of that pyramid for new people. Now because we are defining the term “making it,” in the same way most of you are, then the financial component in that equation plays an equally important role in your happiness.
The world has stacked the game in favor of the rule makers. So long as you decide to play by someone else’s rules, other than your own, you will be at their mercy. The world is full of experts, but who says they are experts? Why the experts say they’re experts. They not only define the nature of their own expertise, but they establish its value for themselves, thereby entrenching themselves in the top levels of the socioeconomic pyramid. It’s a club of experts who only have a limited number of openings that need to be filled every year. Now, as a person who may be young who is trying to make it from a very early stage in life, who do you listen to? I defy you to tell me that you do not listen to all the experts in your life, who have set themselves up as such. Most of you won’t make any kind of move on your own without consulting some kind of expert.
What does that do to your self-image, when you view everyone as being more capable than you? Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, but experts are not experts “in life,” they are experts in “specific areas of life,” if they are experts at all. They are not any smarter in areas outside their field of expertise, than anyone of you. So in reality they may be competent in the areas that make up their field of expertise, and incompetent in 95% of all the other areas that make up the rest of life. Every one of you is an expert right now. In what, you ask? You are an expert in the area of “you.” No one knows more about the topic of you, than you do. In fact, in a world of seven billion people “you are the number one authority on the topic of you.” And isn’t that the most important topic in the world? So you are an expert on the most important topic in the world, which is yourself. What more do you want?
Can the youth of today make it? Only those who value the expertise they have, are prepared to stop giving their power away, and start learning to trust their own judgments about life, have any capacity to make it. Stop supporting the people who are working against you. People who are skilled and are serving other people in a superior fashion should be admired for the contribution they are making to society, however, it should be remembered that you can do the same, and one does not need a university degree in order to serve people. Understand that the world has a structure that has been molded and shaped to be what it is today. It requires a certain number of workers in order to keep the people at the top in the style to which they have become accustomed. When you agree to buy into someone elses agenda, you have already become sub subservient to them. You have agreed to down play your own character and abilities, in favor of what you think they can offer you.
The difference between an expert and yourself is that they have no one to run to for answers. With a true expert, the buck stops with them. You can make it in this world, but first you have to open your eyes, mind, and heart. A fearful person will never make it because they have no ability to trust their own judgment, and if you can not trust you, then why should anyone else trust you? If you don’t consider yourself as worthy, why should anyone else consider you worthy? If you don’t think your opinion has value, why should anyone else value it? Yes, the youth of today can make it in today’s world. They will however, need to establish the rules they will play the game by very early in life, before they have bought into the agenda that the world has waiting for them, before they are slotted, cataloged, and categorized. Unique people make it, “herd people” don’t, they just exist.