Awareness Attraction And Agreement

How many of you have been in the middle of a very trying emotional or negative situation, only to look back on it years later and laugh? Now, the whole situation seems to make a funny story worth relating to your friends in a social atmosphere. Why is that situation funny now, and not back in the time frame when it was actually happening? Has any of that situation changed in any regard, or is it you who has personally changed? Have you not, in light of the fact that you can now laugh about it, changed your perspective on the whole situation? Feelings are relative, but the fact that you can, and have occupied two vibrationally opposite states of being, with regards to the same event, reveals something profound, if you take the time to consider the lesson, which is that, the event you experienced had no fixed meaning, either for you, or anyone else. This is the fact that allows you and everyone else to view all events in whatever way you want, and you do!
In actual fact, no event since the beginning of time, has ever had any meaning attached to it by the Creator. That would be equivalent to leading your consciousness in a specific direction, or roughly telling you what to think. Both of those actions defeat the purpose that God created us for, and so he has left it up to us to determine for ourselves, what each experience in our lives means to us personally. So, the next time you are so sure the other person is wrong, and your right, or the next time you’re getting ready to leap into another emotional free fall, remember that a few years from now, you may very well be laughing at your current attitude and behavior. The very real possibility that in a few years from now this situation might seem very funny, means that it could potentially be funny now, if you were to let it. The only difference between now and later is some time, and maybe a little more maturity. If you could mentally step outside your self and be a neutral observer of your thoughts, words and actions, you might smile at how you were succumbing to having all your buttons pushed. This is what self-awareness is.
It is the ability to mentally stand apart from yourself, and observe your interactions as they are happening, and to change them if you think that is appropriate. This is the key to higher consciousness. Who can do this? Well a great many people can, and those that do, know exactly what I am talking about. The rest are mentally trapped inside their emotionally reactive physical self, susceptible to all its ego flights of fancy, and momentary whims. So, what value does this all have? Well consider that if you are totally correct about everything, or even one thing, then that means that the other seven billion people in the world, would benefit by thinking and doing exactly as you do. Multiply that, by the number of times in a day that you think you are right, and it would appear that, “you are our new Savior!” Do you see the monumental error of trying to force your assessment of anything, on other people? Arguments stem from force, not attraction. Force is caused by extreme vibrational differences acting on each other, in an attempt to achieve a harmonious balance. This is displayed everywhere, especially in relation to the weather.
The world tends to work through force, because that is where most people vibrationally reside, and that is what we are taught to value. What do you do when you can’t achieve an agreement with someone? You should acknowledge that fact between the two of you, agree to disagree, and move on to some topic, or aspect of life that you are in alignment with. The trick is to always focus on some mutually agreeable aspect of life and let the rest lie. All this is really very interesting stuff, wouldn’t you agree?