Our valued Seniors

As we get older we are able to not only see how the people of our generation think, but also the way every generation up to the present day thinks. That is something that a teenager can’t do with equal ease, if at all.

This means that older people have a lot more experiential wisdom,  and a much broader perspective on life.  They are one of our most precious resources, but do we treat them as such? Are they given positions of honor, free or subsidized housing? Do they get the affordable health care they have already earned from a lifetime of working?

If our system can’t even take care of the people we have, then does the system even work at all, or does it only work for those between the ages of 18 and 50? Where do we get the bragging rights for a system that treats people as poorly as ours?

People have always been falling through the cracks in our system, only today we have some cracks that even Evel Knieviel would have trouble jumping across!

The treatment of children and seniors is reflective of the level of consciousness of a people. It indicates what people put a priority on.

Well, keep it up. There will come a day when we will reap “personally,”  all the rewards of the apathy we have sown.