Thoughts About The Mind

The Mind #1

Your mind is filled with “reactive” thoughts with regards to your experience, and your reactions are based on your beliefs. Since you neither can, nor have, experienced everything in the world there is to experience, your thoughts about the largest part of what you hold to be true about life, come from others, who may or may not, have had personal experiences of their own with regards to those same thoughts.
The bulk of the ideas which people hold to be true about life, are totally “unsubstantiated” by any kind of “personal” experience, or fact. People have a tendency to just believe what others believe.
This is the system of beliefs which everyone holds dear, and clings so tightly to.

 The Mind #2

Have you noticed that new worlds, lands, concepts, inventions, and ideas are generally the work of the few insightful, courageous people, willing to stand on their own beliefs, and not the work of the many, who have few original thoughts of their own?
Why is it you put so much stock in popular opinion, when it has never been the cause of human advancement?
Why are the rest of society always playing catch up, with regards to the beliefs the adventurous and insightful few hold?
I think the reason is that people would rather be wrong about their beliefs, than be ridiculed for them! What this means if it is true is that, your personal ego is always more concerned about how it looks to others, than guiding you to more accurate ways of thinking!

The Mind #3

Do you understand the idea behind putting blinders on a horse? Their purpose is to limit the horses focus to what’s in front of him.
Humanity has its own blinders on, which allows only what the physical senses can detect. This does not mean that there is not more all around you to be seen, felt, and experienced.
The difference between the horse and humanity is that, the horse knows it has blinders on!

The Mind #4

You are an animal, a human animal, with tendencies and instincts attributable to your species.
You have been conditioned in the same way that, you yourself condition your pets. Animals and pets don’t know they have been conditioned because they are not self aware in the same way you are.
If you don’t know you have been heavily conditioned by outside forces, then your self-awareness is no more developed and that of your cat or dog.
Are you an obedience school graduate?

The Mind #5

Anything is possible!
The reason you may not believe or understand this idea is because, you limit your thinking to ideas that live within specific vibrational parameters.
All of creation is some form of vibrational energy, which accounts for the reality of movement. Hopefully you can understand the idea that everything in the world was first “conceptualized” then created. The world is nothing more than a thought which has manifested itself. Thought then, can never be ineffectual.
Those thoughts which people have, that have yet to manifest into their physical equivalent, are “thought forms.”
Every time you think, you cause energy to vibrate to a specific frequency, and it goes to work to bring that thought to life. Whether it becomes fully physical or not, is another matter.
Everything is possible, because everything is just a “thought” made real. How much of what we once thought was impossible, has now been made possible? Do you anticipate an end to this pattern?
If not, then “eventually,” all things will be possible. So while at the moment, not “all” things are possible,…anything is possible if we collectively want it bad enough, and give it enough of our energy and focus.

The Mind #6

If you have never been out of your own country, how do you know the other side of the world exists?
There is only personal experience, and accumulated evidence to support your belief that it does exist. So you can scratch off personal experience if have never been out of your own country. Accumulated evidence however, most often has to do with the quantity of that evidence, and not the quality.
Based on that idea, if five billion people’s support an idea and hold it to be true, are you going to dispute it? Of course believing in something does not necessarily make it true, it only makes it true for you!
There is a small percentage of the population who can access the vibrational frequency range outside of physical reality. We are talking now about the spiritual realm. If 95% of the population can not do the same, does that mean that ability is a bunch of nonsense? Or that spirit itself is nonsense?
If your answer is yes it is nonsense, then you would have to include the act of jumping 7 feet in the high jump, and running a 4 minute mile, as being complete nonsense also, considering that 95% of the population can do neither of those two!
Do you see that the quantity of people who believe in something does not guarantee its reality or accuracy?

The Mind #7

You think, and sometimes you think about what are thinking about. That’s called being self-aware.
Do you ever contemplate how you think, or the fact that you can think?
Physical life has consciousness. Consciousness is an integral part of the physical makeup of a thing. It is a specific programming that is inherent in something. Our consciousness is to a very large extent, self-directed. We can use our consciousness to affect the quality of our life.
A tree, plant or animal, never commits suicide, because it can’t evaluate the quality of its life, and draw the conclusion that it’s life sucks!
Each individual has a consciousness they use, but not one which they created. There is a singular source of energy, intelligence, and consciousness within creation which gives life to everything, sustains all, and shares its own consciousness, with all that has been created.
Religion calls this many names. Some call it the Holy Spirit.
Regardless of what you call it, realize that it is a gift humanity has received, from a source that is outside of us.

The Mind #8

We hear a lot of talk about the ego as if it is some kind of entity! What is the ego? Well lets look at a baby, who is the most pure form of human being, for our answer.
You will notice that a baby, for obvious reasons, has very limited communication skills, and very limited experience. There is no way that a baby could have yet formed the complicated set of beliefs that are common to an adult. Babies have the most primitive form of human ego, they laugh, cry, and scream, in order to get what they want.
With no real belief system formed, they must be acting according to physical sensations and their emotions. Later, as the baby grows and learns the ways of the world, it starts developing beliefs. It is these beliefs that are the main cause of its primal emotions being triggered.
People become conditioned to respond to their beliefs “emotionally.” Your ego is your current belief system, which is tied your emotions, which are tied your consciousness, which is connected to your higher self, which is connected to your over soul, which is connected to God.
Simple, wouldn’t you say?

The Mind #9

What is the thing or idea we call love? For most of humanity, love is a response to something we find appealing, based, in our thoughts and beliefs.
Love is actually a vibration, which we experience as the energy we call emotion, however, the vibration of human love and divine love, are very far apart.
Divine love encompasses all vibrational possibility within itself, while human love encompasses all Earthly vibrational possibility within itself, the difference is vast. Regardless then, of which realm you’re talking about, love is both “one thing, and everything, at the same time.” Everything is held within the reality of the one thing.
Love is God, who holds all vibrational possibility within itself.

The Mind #10

Religion is of the mind, as much as anything else is of the mind. Your mind is what you use to discern the nature of your reality, and God is that reality.
God and religion are not bedfellows. God is “All That Is!”
God has never been about religion, it has been about creation and life. Religion has crawled into bed with God, in order to strengthen its power and position with the people.
The God of all creation is totally secure, and never has anything to prove. It is fully aware of who created and supports all existence, and it knows it was not any religious group. God is never angry because everything is always exactly the way God designed it to be.
Who could be angry with perfection? God is perfection, which by definition can have no errors or flaws, and therefore, needs and demands nothing of us. That is why we have free will.

The Mind #11

Where is humanity headed? We are headed to an increased state of expanded awareness and experience.
We are now, and will be in the future, moving into and through various physical and spiritual environments, for the purpose of adding experience to God. “We were not created for our purposes, but for God’s purpose!”
That’s how you can be assured there is a God, and explains why creation is fully supported. Creation is God, and since God loves itself, it therefore, fully supports all its efforts to know itself more completely, in new ways.
Humanity is on an endless Journey as part of God, to expand the nature of “ourselves,” and in so doing,…the nature of the Creator as well.

The Mind #12

What God “can” do, and what God “does” do, are two different orders of reality.
The God of all creation can obviously do whatever it desires, given its creative abilities. People however, can not envision God except through the filter of their limited imagination, knowledge, and immature emotional nature.
So much of the bible has God portrayed as being emotionally out of control! Come on people, get a grip on reality! If God was in the habit of coping an attitude, it could pull the plug on any one, or anything, at anytime. God doesn’t do that, now or later, after you have passed on. Everyone is loved by God.
The truth about God’s nature is that God is a benevolent entity which supports and maintains all that it creates. Science, who does not believe in God, might laugh at that statement, however, they cannot dispute the fact that “creation itself still exists, and we are all still here.” You can draw your own conclusions from that fact!
Secondly, while you and science, might perceive the physical nature of life as consisting of an endless variety of different atomic and chemical components, it is all God. All of creation is God in all its various forms, and this is a very important point. God is benevolent because “everything is made of God,” although not necessarily by God directly.
God loves itself, so why wouldn’t it nurture and support all the various aspects of itself, in the same way that we do?
Many people’s idea of God is so “Hollywood!” God is intelligence, energy, and consciousness. That’s it people, that’s all! The implications of that knowledge is that the church is not really your sole ticket to God, and so they certainly will not side with any concept or idea that would undermine their objectives.
“God is energy, intelligence and consciousness.”
Science talks a lot about the first chemical start of life having achieved some level of intelligence at its inception. The start of life is not the question people. “The start of intelligence is the question!”
Intelligence is neither chemical nor biological! Those are both things which ultimately “use intelligence, and process thought!” Intelligence is the key to God, intelligence and consciousness. Neither of those can be put under a microscope, so science ignores their reality, preferring instead to study aspects of life they can see, and which have tangible, real world applications. Talk about slanted science!
Now the fact that intelligence and consciousness are hard to test and verify, gives people, and science an easy argument for dismissing them as being “Godly attributes,” and therefore not connected to reality itself, because God does not exist. That circular argument is as much of an indication of a persons limited ability to think, feel, and conceptualize, as it is for there being no God!
Science has to admit that on Earth, all human creations were first “conceptualized,” before they ever manifested into the physical world. Intelligence then, precedes creation even at this level. The fact is, “intelligence precedes all creation, at every level.”
Therefore, if you are going to devote your academic career and the greater part of your life to determining the origins of creation, and the nature of life, then one should start with the very first step in the natural order of things, which would be the study of intelligence first, then consciousness.
For if one does not completely understand all aspects of the nature of intelligence, consciousness, the mind and the human brain, then how can you possibly put so much stock in your scientific findings?
Your mind is a tool, and if you know very little about the tool you are using, how accurate can the possible outcomes and conclusions really be?