Some People Shouldn’t Have A Blog Site

Is blogging like talking on the phone? No not even close.

Is blogging like writing  a letter? Well not really but you’re getting closer.

Is blogging like giving a speech,  to people you can’t see? Hummm,…interesting analogy.

Is blogging a way to ensure everyone has your opinion, whether they need it or not? Ya,…I think you have almost hit the nail on the head.

What the heck is blogging then?

Overdone, that’s what! Just like that  _acebook thing!

On a positive note we could say that blogging gives us the ability to write to friends we haven’t even met yet,  all around the world,….how cool is that?

Technology has given us a number of ways to be in touch with each other that we didn’t have not so long ago. People are the ones who will determine the ultimate use for all of this technology, and it seems to be in transition. Just remember that “they” invent it, but we have the power, because if we don’t buy their technology, how long do you think they will continue to make it?

Ultimately, when you open your mouth to speak, you’re either sharing something that is for everyone’s highest good, or just your own. That is what makes the nature of relationships either very simple or complex, depending on your value system.

Blogging can be a great tool for learning, and getting across ideas that have high value, but first you have to make it by the “border guard,” which is everyone’s ego. It’s too bad people don’t trade beliefs the same way they trade recipes, but then again I’ve tasted some real losers recipes!

So maybe I should wind this all up by saying something worth listening to, just so this won’t be a total loss for everyone!

So how about this, Once I was an atheist,….now I’m not,….you do the math!

Or how about this one. Something was responsible for the initial creation of the universe and it wasn’t you!

And one last little gem before I sign off. If you find people who make positive statements  about the nature of reality and God,…annoying, don’t worry about it, when you pass on, it’s a certainty you won’t be in the same place as the rest of us aggravating people!