A few Thoughts To Speed You On Your Way

There are a few things in this world, that cause us to create resistance to the things we want in life, and I’ll list them here for your convenience.

1 – Your ego is the biggest hindrance to everything you might consider to be for your highest good. If you disagree, then thank you, you’ve just made my point for me.

2 – The fact that our physical sense receptors only operate within a limited frequency range. Therefore, we have a very limited view of the much larger nature of reality.

3 – Time works to kill off our enthusiasm for the desirable goals we have set for ourselves. Goals take whatever time they need to materialize, and we can either speed that process up somewhat, or slow it down, but we do not control the process itself, we just work with it.

4 – All things are energy, including ourselves. You choose to either harness your energy by focusing it, or you dissipate it by spreading it out over many unrelated activities simultaneously.

5 – Everyone creates in direct alignment with their present emotional state of being. Happiness creates more happiness, and the reverse is true as well.

6 – Emotions always rule over logic in the long run. Logic is what gives your ship its heading, and destination, emotions are the fuel you burn, that gets your ship there.

7 – Truth at our level is evolutionary and perceptual. This is why you need to cultivate the vibrationally highest truth you can, and that highest truth isn’t found within the illusion, it is found without.