Should We Teach Religion In School

In this post I would like to answer the following question.

Q: Should we teach religion in school?

A: It would be difficult to teach middle school children enough about religion to be of any real value to them, other than the idea that there is a creative intelligent force responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe. Since adults themselves can not seem to come to a consensus view about God, or even a common belief in its existence, then I hardly see how children can be expected to perform above the level of their parents in that area.

What religion is capable of providing however, is a higher system of values worth emulating, and in every religion those core values are very close to being the same, because humanity is basically all the same and they value the same things. There are good things within religion, just as there are good things within life, and you can place your focus on those things, and benefit from that.

In my opinion if schools can teach about wars and killing as part of a history curriculum, then they should also be able to teach “peace” to children, as part of a religious program. The fact that they allow the one, and not the other, says volumes right there!