Ideas For Reflection

This is some material from an up coming book of mine, soon to be published.

44 Ideas For Reflection
Over the years, I’ve found that certain thoughts can be very concise, and still be very powerful and accurate. Often I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down these power thoughts, merely as a way to get my creativity flowing, and often one particular thought will rise in prominence in my mind, and I will start to explore that specific area in my writing. And so, I now include some ideas which I consider to be the seeds to a larger more expanded state of awareness. I hope you enjoy them.
1 – Joy is a state of being, from which you express yourself.
2 – Being joyful is not something you do, it’s something you are.
3 – Children do not think they’re joyful, they are joyful.
4 – Joy is your natural state of being, minus your worries, fears, anxieties, and hatred.
5 – You are a joyful loving being at your core, however, the amount of love and joy you express to the world, is dependent on the priority you give to that love and joy, compared to all the other things in life, that are vying for your attention.
6 – The movement toward love, is a movement toward alignment with the creative force of the universe, all else is a movement towards love’s polar opposite, which is fear, varying only by degree, and in magnitude.
7 – Love is a communication link to your source, and to each other.
8 – Expressing love in its many forms, is your natural desire.
9 – Either you are expressing the love and joy you are, or you are expressing something else.
10 – No person, place, or activity, has any meaning except the one you give it.
11 – Your emotions and reactions, are the result and expression of your thoughts.
12 – Uncontrolled thinking, leads to uncontrolled emotions and resultant actions.
13 – Focus on love, joy and truth, and your emotions and actions, cannot help but respond in kind.
14 – Consider that God, is the source of, all that is, and all things are a part of that one thing.
15 – God can only be to me, what my physical and spiritual self can recognize, or come into alignment with.
16 – God is the source of all truth and knowledge. He is the co-creator, along with me, of my life, and the beacon to which I am heading.
17 – Through communication with my higher mind, I can extend the scope of my ability to comprehend higher vibrational realities.
18 – It is my understanding that all creation occurred in that singular moment of now, and that anything that can happen, has already transpired, and is waiting for me to choose the outcome I desire.
19 – You get to choose your reality, and in doing so, draw it to you from the infinite source of possibilities.
20 – Most people don’t really believe that all possibilities exist as a choice for them to experience. Instead, they choose from what they believe to be possible, given their present limitations. People believe in limitation more than they believe in limitless possibility.
21 – Creation is. Beyond that statement, lies our individual reactions to creation.
22 – The source of all that exists, can’t be limited by anything external to itself, if there is nothing external to itself.
23 – Nothing exists in opposition to God, because nothing exists which is self-sustaining but God itself. Every thing’s total dependency on God for its continued existence, precludes any opposition to God, by anything with conscious intelligence. For this reason there is never any doubt about God’s supremacy over anything. Children may at times be rebellious, but even in their rebellious state, they recognize their dependency on their parents.
24 – While the existence of anything can be attributed either directly or indirectly to either God, or his agents, its continued existence and support, can only be through the direct intent, and will of our Creator.
25 – No creation can exist outside the will of God, and if it did, where would it get its support for survival and continued existence, if not from God.
25 – Nothing happens outside the will of God, and what God does not will, does not happen.
26 – God is energy, and intelligence. An ocean of spiritual reality, which on the surface appears devoid of life, but which beneath the waves, is full of countless varieties of manifested physical, and spiritual reality.
27 – Can there be such a thing as limited free will? If there is, then it must be something else, and not free will. God is free, that is freedom. If you are not free like God, then you are experiencing something other than freedom.
28 – What I call truth is that which is in alignment with the reality of God. To me, God, truth and reality are synonymous.
29 – The test of the truth of anything, is completed in the answering of these two questions. Who does it serve? How does it feel.
30 – Nothing vibrates with as much love, joy and truth, as your Creator. Therefore, the vibrational nature of anything, is indicative of its alignment to its source.
31 – The lowest vibrations, are found to be in alignment with those thoughts, words and actions that serve the self. Higher levels of vibration, are reflective of those things which serve humanity, and the highest vibrations, align with those thoughts, words, and actions, which are a likeness to the nature of our Creator.
32 – Love, truth and joy, are all descriptive of the nature of the Creator, and as such reflect ultimate reality as it exists. Therefore, where anyone of these divine attributes exist, so to will the other two.
33 – I believe the truest nature of the Creator of this reality, can be discovered by recognizing the value, quality, and characteristics, of those things already created, which can be summed up by the following terms: diversity, polarity, quantity, quality, consistency, unity and reality.
34 – Consider that creation is neither good, nor bad, valuable nor valueless. Creation is! Beyond that statement lies only our personal reactions, to observable phenomenon, not its actual characteristics.
35 – Being the Source means everything has its origins from within that same source, but does not preclude the fact that creation may continue through agents endowed with specific creative abilities, for the purpose of expanding creation.
36 – Whatever the nature of the one source and center, it is free and unencumbered to be and do whatever its creative impulses dictate.
37 – You do not need to believe in, or follow traffic rules in order to physically drive a car, it’s just that the outcome will be much more harmonious if you do. In the same context, it isn’t necessary to believe in God in order to create, it just works easier and better if you align with the creative force behind all things.
38 – One sign of an enlightened human being, is their ability to recognize the value inherent in other people.
39 – If you can’t recognize the value in other people, what makes you think you can recognize the value in anything at all?
40 – There are no secrets in life. All information is freely made available to everyone by our Creator, and to have it requires only the desire to pursue the truth, and the ability to recognize and absorb it, when it is presented.
41 – Truth that is to far removed vibrationally from your present state of consciousness, will not be understandable, believable, or useful to you.
42 – Truth is all around us at all times, however we must progressively climb the ladder of consciousness, until we have lessened the gap between our conscious understanding and truth, to the point where we can finally grasp ultimate reality, as it is being created and upheld by All That Is.
43 – The only benefit of a physical existence, is what it can add to your eternal spiritual reality.
44 – Because of our limited vision and understanding about higher sources of power, love and knowledge, we continually try to make the physical tail, wag the spiritual dog.
45 – Physical reality is the cart, and your spiritual power and existence is what pulls it around.
46 – When you stop looking for a creative power that solely resembles you, you’ll be able to see that the Creator resides in everything your eyes can behold.
47 – Without a physical you, there is less than completeness. Without a spiritual you, there is less than completeness. Completeness comprises the totality of what you have always been, and what you are now, to make up that, which you will someday become.
48 – With your nose pressed up against a painting, you can hardly comprehend its full beauty. Sometimes you have to step back, in order allow yourself the ability to see the whole picture, and thereby get an understanding of what a thing really is.
49 – Can five hundred million people be wrong? With more than seven billion people in the world, why are we in such trouble if sheer numbers equals right thinking? Love equals right thinking! Do billions of people hold to that philosophy?
50 – Is reincarnation a fact? Think about it. Nature is no more of an accident than you are, and what is there in nature that does not return season after season, century after century. Growth and expansion is the theme behind all life, not termination and death. There is no death, there is only continual life in one form or another, renewed year after year.
60 – Each culture programs its people to think along certain lines. In all of human existence, we have not been able to eradicate conflict and problems, because they are built into the programming we have accepted as truth. Through the working out of solutions to our everyday problems, we are raising ourselves up to the source of all knowledge and truth. However, we have not as yet become that source, whose characteristics are love, joy and truth. On that day when all problems are eliminated, this physical environment will no longer be serving us, and we will move on to other consciousness expanding ventures.
61 – With there being three hundred and sixty degrees on a compass, there exists a lot of opportunity for error. Only by holding fast to a predetermined course, will you eventually reach your charted destination. In life you will rarely reach a destination you have not intentionally charted, and without periodic course adjustments, you are very likely to go far off course of your intended destination.
62 – Creation is simple, it is the simplicity of illusion, that hides the diversity of reality.
63 – Your highest self knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, it will not deter you from taking the scenic route to your destination, because your higher self is not worried about the ultimate outcome, only you are.
64 – In manifesting your desires, attention should be paid to only creating that which serves the highest good for all concerned. Any other intention, underlies a failure to understand the true nature of reality, God, yourself, and the creative process in general.
65 – You can hardly use creative manifestation effectively, if you do not understand it, and you do not understand it, if you are trying to achieve an outcome, either without another’s permission, or at their expense.
66 – You would be wise to manifest only that which is for your highest good, of course that statement assumes that you can be accurate in your assessment, of what is for your highest good.
67 – God is not other than what you are seeing, God is exactly what you are seeing!
68 – Reality is anything existing as God created it, and is not open to interpretation, or revision, by external forces.
69 – When you understand that all creation regardless of its form was first a thought, then you’re able to recognize that the basis for a harmonious relationship between two people, lies with the vibrational nature of their thinking.
70 – Love represents the highest vibrational form of thought of which a person is capable. However just as beauty is subjective, so too, is each individual’s concept of what love should be. This leaves love open to a broad interpretation, and is the justification behind many acts.
71 – If you have created and value special relationships, you have not necessarily done something wrong, however you are not operating with a full awareness of the true nature of love.
72 – Love is not only about how you treat those closest to you, it is about how you treat those outside your special love circle. Ultimately, the true nature of love, lies in the ability to include everyone into that special love circle, at which time the circle becomes non-existent.
73 – The purpose of life is to create, and to experience the physical nature of your creations, and in so doing, retain and carry out of this life, and into the next, all the valuable emotional content you have experienced during your time here.
74 – God is. Beyond that statement, all else is an overlay of our personal observations and beliefs.