What Is The Most Important Thing

If you were to ask one thousand people the question, “what is the single most important thing in the whole world to you?” what do you think the results would be?

What I have just asked you, is mind-boggling in its importance.

I suspect that out of a thousand people, the amount of differences in the answers, would far exceed any similarities. Which tells you that people are looking at life from their own individual perspective and desires, instead of from any kind of unified, humanitarian point of view.

How then, can you ever get those same people to agree  on anything when what is important to one person is unimportant to another?

The thought that “surely everyone wants to live and to survive,”  and that would be the common denominator amongst people, is wrong.

Those willing to die in war, or to strap explosives to their bodies and commit suicide, consider other agendas as being more important than life.

The belief in God not only gives meaning to life, it also provides a platform for reaching agreements among people, based on values that are common to most people. God and religion are not the cause of human misery, the distortion of human values is the cause, and the culprit is the ego.

Atheists have done nothing to reduce the misery in the world on a large-scale, by deciding to “opt-out.”  They still are captives of their own ego, in the same way everyone else is.  Until we can get a majority response to that first question, everyone in the whole world will continue to do their own thing, and to hell with everyone else.