60 When You Denigrate Something

60 When You Denigrate Something
Sanora, are you there?
Yes, greetings my son. We are here for you now. How may we be of service to you today?
What do you have for me today in your bag of tricks, that you can dazzle me with?
My God, the constant pressure.
I don’t know if I can handle this continual work load!
Like, when does a guy get a day off around here?
We are just having fun with you of course. Yes, it is always our desire and privilege to help you raise your personal vibration by reminding you of that which you already know, but have temporarily forgotten. Today, we would say to you that if God is infallible, then everything God creates in the largest sense is by design and not by accident. Therefore, if your intent is to praise God, then know that in doing so, you cannot denigrate something without undermining God’s reality at the same time. There is nothing the finite mind can comprehend, which does not find its source in our Creator. Praising the vibrationally highest aspects of God is well and good, and leads to all that is for our highest good, however, all is of God, and nothing exists which does not have its origin traceable back to our Creator. If an attribute or quality is recognizable or comprehensible, then it must first exist and reside within the Creator of all reality, otherwise you are giving credence to something outside the reality of God, and what might that be? Therefore, as sinful, wicked, evil and vile, as you might choose to call something, it can have no other first cause, other than that which is the first cause of everything your mind can comprehend.
Now, when you are cursing, rejecting, or defiling certain aspects of reality, consider that those same aspects are divine, in that they exist only by the will and design of our Creator, and so you can hardly be drawing closer to God when you are both cursing and praising at the same time, his created reality. What honors God the most, is to recognize that nothing which can be sourced within ultimate reality is without purpose. If God is never in error, then that which you are busy cursing must have a purpose within the divine plan, and can be praised for the role it plays within that plan. Making value judgments as to the nature of that which you call good or evil, is useless if your perspective is limited in any way, and your perspective is always limited, if it is not equal to the perspective of the divine mind. In a fine Swiss watch, all parts have their function, and there are no excess, dysfunctional parts to be found within. God’s created reality is no less perfect than that watch, and all things which God created in the beginning, or has seen fit to create through his divine agents, serve a function, regardless whether that function can be recognized by the finite mind or not.
A mind conditioned to see only the higher vibrational realities in life, does not spend its time focusing on anything of a lower vibrational nature, or cause others to do likewise. You only reach your goal, by turning in its direction and continually advancing toward it. Those who are truly righteous in their thinking, do not give energy to that which they do not wish to support, extend or multiply. Nothing is real except that which you make real by extending it thought and energy. Give anything recognition by extending it thought or energy, and you have made it real to yourself, although not necessarily real to other people.If your goal is to think as your Creator thinks, then if you are cursing any aspect of creation, you must think that God does likewise. Consider then, that if God was cursing some aspect of reality that it was responsible for creating, would that not be a miscreation? In the last analysis, you can not denigrate ultimate reality without doing the same to our Creator.
Had our Creator needed or wanted a sin police force, he would have created them. God did not create them because he has not placed his focus there, and if you would be like God, then neither should you. You were admonished by Jesus to “be ye perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.” There was no mention of sin in that admonition, and that is because you should always focus on where you want to go, not on where you don’t want to go. Any aspect of creation which you see fit to denigrate, only reflects your inability to recognize the perfection of God, and accentuates the distance and separation that exists vibrationally, between your mind and God’s.
How was that, my knowledge seeking friend? Did that rock your socks off, or what?
Yes that was great, thank you so much Sanora.
You’re most welcome, we are pleased to be of service to you, as you well know.
Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.