38 My Writing

38 My Writing
Sanora, are you there?
Yes my son, I’m here for you now. How may we be of service to you today?
I have been receiving ideas about writing a book, and I would like to discuss the possibilities, revolving around that idea.
Certainly, we would be happy to talk about the creative possibilities, arising from the writing of your book.
Let us first remind you that all action, ideas and events, exist as possibility, as potential outcome, and as such, they all hold the ability to come into your present existence once they have been chosen by you. All things have the potential to occur on some dimensional level, under the care and control of your higher self. The writing of a book is certainly within your current abilities, and is a completed fact if you should choose to send your ideas, beliefs and actions down that road.
I’m somewhat concerned, that I might not have enough of value to say.
Let us be clear about one thing, there is nothing new under the sun. All exists as potential, awaiting to be activated so to speak. The largest percentage of books which have been written, represent only a repackaging of those thoughts which have been previously expressed before, and which now reside as truth, coexisting along with spirit in the all. Thoughts and topics at times tend to rise in prominence and capture the imagination of people for a while. This serves to awaken and heighten their level of consciousness, until they are stimulated by the next trend, at which time they will flock to the next set of ideas that are able to fire up their imagination. Now, trends may not run for an equal length of time. The public may grow tired of one trend before another, and much of that has to do with the topics being written about. Some topics stimulate the imagination along certain lines, while other topics play on the emotions, and generate feelings within the reader that are found to be very enjoyable.
It is those books whose topics generate the strongest emotional responses within the reader, that tend to have the widest appeal and the longest run. This is so, because being in receipt of desirable emotions never goes out of style. So we would say to you yes, by all means write your book, for if that is what you truly choose, then know that it is already done. Next, be aware of your topic and of trends. Is your topic going to lead a trend, or ride the tail of a dying trend? Next, be aware of what qualities make a book timeless, and most of all, get in touch with your reason for writing a book. While all reasons are valid, your motivations for writing your book will imbue its content with a specific vibrational energy signature, which will become the leading factor responsible for the amount of enjoyment people will receive, from the reading of your book.
It is the trend today that as life becomes more complex, many people are turning inward within themselves in order that they may understand themselves better, and from that improved understanding be better able to cope with all that is external to them. To say that one is on a search for God, may cause some eyebrows to raise amongst your contemporaries, however, getting to know yourself better makes perfect sense to those same people, and so we have the generally accepted self-help trend now in full swing. We have noticed that your interests lie in a trend which is not only building, but will be the cause of a consciousness, and cultural revolution around the world. If you should choose to write within the parameters of this trend, you need not be concerned that it will terminate anytime soon, for it is divinely led and supported. So in closing (for we sense your desire to be off), we say go ahead and continue in the direction of your heart’s desire, and should you need our support and encouragement, just call on us, for it is our knowing that you have much that is of value to pass on to others, and it will bring joy to them and to you in the doing. So, be joyful, for that is your and our desire. Be productive, for that leads you to your joy, and be loving, for that is your nature, and we eagerly await your decision regarding your highest good.
Have we served you well?
Yes, thank you Sanora.
You’re most welcome.
Peace, love and joy, be unto you and yours.