Moronic Seems To Be The Hardest Word

People envy other people. Little brothers envy the height and strength of their big brother, while other people envy the advantages some of you are born into, including the natural talents that some of you have an abundance of. Countries envy the size, natural resources and economic advantages of other countries.

People get envious of other people, then envy turns to anger, then hostility. Just ask Jesus, he’ll tell you. The human ego is the culprit. It just can’t deal with the fact that someone can know or do something that it can’t. It then tries to bring everything back down to its level of understanding and experience.

This is what is going on with people, with regards to God. It’s not a battle between God and the ego, it is a battle between the ego of a person who believes in God, and the non believer. This is where the mild to full-blown hostilities come from. God could care less whether you believe in its existence or not! How can I a believer say that?

Well as soon as you die, the show is over, and you very quickly find out what side your bread is buttered on! So, it is only the current life where this hostile reaction to God raises its ugly head. Any attempt to tell non believers that you know something they don’t, and probably can’t, without some work on their part, is met with criticism at best, and outright hostility at its worst. Tell someone you can run faster, jump higher, hold your breath longer, or lift more weight than they can, and you’ll not get nearly the same amount of resistance as compared to telling them you can know, see and understand things they can not, at this point in time.

Metaphysics is all about the things you “could know if you applied yourself in certain areas,” that you don’t know now. Do you think that Jesus came out of the gate at a full gallop? He spent the better part of his life studying.

The idea that you can dismiss the whole spiritual side of life just because it doesn’t fit into your current paradigm, is what,….you guessed it,… that is exactly what it is! Children have an excuse for not knowing about things they have not yet been exposed to, but by the time you’re an adult, most people have been adequately exposed to the spiritual side of life, enough to intelligently recognize it’s existence.

Many many people in this world can do things you’ll never be able to do in this lifetime, if only for the reason that you don’t have enough time in your life to learn, or do it all. The idea then, that some people “can’t know, or do things,” in the area of spirituality and God, just because you currently can’t  know or do them,… is utterly moronic! Sorry that is the only word that seems to fit.

So, now that I’ve slapped you around and your ego is all bent out of shape, let me just say that it is only your priorities and beliefs in life that keep you from reaching your full potential in any area of life. We don’t all consciously choose to be God experts in this life,…but that doesn’t mean that some of us can’t reach a heightened level of awareness regarding God. You don’t have to believe,…but then you don’t have to disbelieve either, you can choose to be neural until such time as something presents itself to push you either one way or the other.