Is It Time To Disconnect

I was watching some videos lately about people who had left their religion and became atheists. Obviously they were not too happy with what their religion was doing, or presenting to them. It was not meeting their needs. I think more people will continue leaving the church, especially since they don’t penalize you any more for doing so, in the same way they did hundreds of years ago.

People are free now to choose to join a religious organization or not. But what does all this have to do with God?

You know,…if I have one or two bad experiences with a particular brand of North American made car, then I wouldn’t go ballistic and announce to the world that, “I’m going to give up driving,” just because of those bad experiences! There are less radical alternatives, like just buying another brand. But lets face it, people don’t look at religion as being a necessity in the same way they consider driving to be a necessity. In the last analysis, people establish their own priorities in life, and for those people, religion was not one of them.

Why they decided to throw God out, along with the church, beats me. What has the one to do with the other? God doesn’t need religion,…it is religion that needs God, because without a God to send you to hell, there would be no way to control people, or get those offerings every Sunday! I don’t blame people for leaving the church, but their understanding of God is so limited that they must believe you can’t have the one without the other, and actually,…that is exactly what the church wants you to believe!

God pre-dates every religion in existence, and God will still be around long after they are all gone. I experienced the same frustrations very early on in my association with the church, and with my reading of the scriptures, but I did not decide to opt out of the whole thing, like it was just some bad idea. Anyone who can dismiss God so easily, never really had a good understanding of what God is, or a strong  relationship with God in the first place. It’s easy to bail on something you weren’t into too deeply. Any one with a strong relationship with God and his son, knows you don’t need the church to be your front man. You do need people, but not the organization they all belong to.

And what do atheists offer that is so attractive, as to make you want to join them? Is it because you get to belong to a club that has no meetings, no collections, does not threaten you, or make you feel bad? Or is it because once you join them, there is nowhere to go, no specific time you have to show up, and nothing you have to do?

For a group that has no marketing, no structure, no product, no plan, or code of behaviour, they seem to be gaining ground on the church! Now,…since God has not struck the people who bailed on the church, dead,….then either he is okay with that, or as the atheists would contend, “there is no God to anger in the first place!”

Well my atheist friend, you can believe or disbelieve what you want, because you have many natural freedoms that God has given you, and that the church has tried to stifle for centuries. However, freedoms, do not necessarily equal the conclusion that God does not exist, only that he doesn’t interfere with the free will he has given you.

Anyway, I thought the reasons that people were bailing on the church were both justified, and frivolous at the same time,…but I guess that is just the way people are, both inside the church, and outside.