Do some people in the academic community look down on the less educated? Well lets just say that if you can understand only 50% of the words they’re using, then they are probably not targeting people such as yourself in their conversation. Why, outside of industry specific words, would people not speak at a level of communication that would transfer the most knowledge to people? Probably because they want to come off looking like some authority figure, and the less people who know what you’re talking about, the fewer you’ll have contradicting your theories. Science and higher learning is all about climbing to the top of the credibility ladder, because until you get to the top, no one gives a damn what you think!

That is why very few highly educated people go out on a limb about anything. It’s too risky to their career. They simply back the person at the top, and ride the coat tails of their accomplishments, and the rest of the populace, backs and rides the coat tails of all the people in the scientific and academic community, who look like they know what they’re talking about.

This pattern of behaviour sounds a lot like the “pied piper” story, transferred to science, and higher education! Now I’m sure that a teacher who has a university education and teachers college under their belt, is capable of talking above the level of understanding of their grade one class,…but do they? I suspect that the plan is to transfer as much knowledge as possible to them, by talking in terms, and at the level they can comprehend easily.  This is quite unlike what is going on at the top of the scientific and educational ladder.

Yes you know the technical jargon,…the hard words that the rest of us don’t know, but if you don’t know the easy words, and use them to illuminate the most minds out there, then you’re not as smart as you think you are, You must be starting to believe your own press!