There Is No Morality Without God

There is no morality without God! That is a very definitive statement,…is it not? Well it was meant to be an attention getter,…something that many people would agree with, and something that may irritate those who don’t believe in God.

Now, I’m not intentionally trying to irritate a certain segment of the population,..far from it. I’m trying to Illuminate an area of life, for those who can’t see the light. Spirituality can be very aggravating for those without a spiritual bent,..and religion, more so. Most people would agree that the moral or immoral nature of a person, can have a profound impact on the people around them. Our penal institutions are filled with “law breakers,” but you should take time to consider whether those same people are “moral” individuals. How many people in prisons world-wide, are moral, God believing, church going people? Now I’m not pushing religion,…but I am trying to make a distinction between what kind of people we already have, who are exhibiting immoral behaviour, and the kind who are living moral lives, and if you take them as a group, then I think the pattern will reveal itself to you.

Thoughts are the first order of creation. Nothing happens until someone first has a thought, and then acts on it. Obviously then, the types of thoughts that a moral person might have, would have to be different to those thoughts that an immoral person would entertain and act on, otherwise the patterns of behaviour between the two groups of people would be identical, and they are not, so that tells a story right there.

Where does morality come from? People who don’t believe in God, would probably say that there is an inherent goodness in people, that is their true source of morality. That is true, absolutely,…but not for the reason most people believe. Some people think their mind, and its inherent goodness, is the true source of their moral behaviour. Again,…only partially true. The truth is that, people are born into a world where the moral codes of behaviour were established before their birth, and they grow up in their specific culture, learning them, as well as the moral codes that exist within social consciousness. These long-established codes of morality, made a giant leap forward when the “one God,” and religion, came into simultaneous existence for people. Today, people are enjoying the momentum of a moral code of behaviour,r whose origins are thousands of years old, at least.

The fact is however, that each person has a higher self, who is eternal, and has the life experience of hundreds, if not many thousands of incarnations under its belt, as experience from which to draw on.
Any idea that, you may not be aware of or believe in your higher self, has no bearing on its reality, or what it knows to be true. Your higher self however, is responsible for providing you with the kind of information that you require to facilitate the completion of your life plan during this incarnation, and if moral codes of behaviour are part of the package you chose for yourself, then it will seem like your privy to knowledge, whose origin you can’t explain.

This is not the whole story about morality. The truth about morality, is sourced in God, as is everything else. Morality is based on values, not law. Law is an offshoot of morality, and morality has its origins in values. Values are emotional by nature, and emotion is vibrational energy,…as is everything else in life, so that is not news. God is the source of all consciousness, energy, knowledge, intellect, experience, spirit, and matter within creation. If anything is real, then it is God sourced and God supported, although not necessarily directly created by God. God has a nature, some of which is discernible, even in the material world. You may call it “life,” and that’s okay, it’s the same thing, because God is “All There Is,” so it’s all God. Because God is All There Is, and it’s all God, then the energy that is God, must cover the whole possible range and spectrum of energy and vibration which we can define, and all that we can’t detect or define.

Values, are part of the nature of God, and as such, they are vibrational. This is how the vibrationally high nature of love, can be different from the vibrationally low nature of hate or fear. Values are vibrational by nature, and register differently, within people (depending on the value,) as emotional energy, which either feels good to us, or bad. God is the source of values, and everything else, therefore, God resides at the centre of all creation, and hopefully, at the centre of your life.

If God is not the centre of “your” universe, then who is,…. you,….your ego?

When people are centred in God, there is a sense of oneness, of brotherhood, and community. When they are “self centred,” the ego is at the centre of their universe, and the world becomes fractured into seven billion different identities, each with its own individual set of values, based on what the ego considers important. Be aware that it is not “either, or,” it is “all.” There is a God, a higher self, and an individualized ego, all of whom play a role in your life, and in establishing values. However, It’s all God, and all values are established by God first, then we simply partake of those values, through our higher self, our individualized consciousness, and our ego.

For simplicity sake Just visualize a ladder, with your ego as the first rung, your higher self as the second rung, Creator sons of God, as the third rung, and God at the top. If you don’t believe in God, you won’t be penalized (it’s not necessary, your penalizing yourself, and don’t need any more help with that), but you are, stuck on the first rung,….and that is where you’ll stay,…until you change your mind. Of course that situation could also be part of your life plan for this incarnation (everyone can’t be the pope, or Dali Lama or the Chief,….some of us have to be the Indians. So not everyone will be God centred in this current incarnation, but if you would like to be,….you can,…it’s as easy as changing your mind.