The Energy Of Cooperation

I like discussing the concept of cooperation, because it leads into so many other areas of life, and opens up an opportunity to discuss other topics as well. Life is all about energy, and so life is primarily about all the various forms that energy seems to take on. When everything is simply “one thing,” (energy), then everything also has to be the “same thing.” Therefore, when we start speaking about a topic, such as the idea of cooperation, it inevitably leads into other areas of life, which seem different, but are really connected. Ideas need to be supported, and so certain foundational concepts must be put into place before a concept will really make sense to the uninitiated. Therefore, for the purposes of this post, you can consider cooperation amongst people, to be a form of love, which itself, is energy.

The easiest way to understand cooperation is to think about all the things you dislike about people, the economy, and the world, with the idea of eliminating those undesirable characteristics. Once you have done that, you would be left with loving, kind, cooperative, people, economies, and governments. There is a huge difference, between the type of energy that drives cooperative projects, and competitive economies. Just as there is a huge difference between the idea of a loving God, and a vengeful, vindictive Creator. You are conflicted in your beliefs, if you hold mentally to the idea of cooperation, but choose to actively use competitive practices.

So we have alluded to the fact that, people are either consciously, or subconsciously conflicted in what they believe, with regards to how life should work, and how people should interact with each other. The ramifications of this fact are huge. This means that when you try to change things within society, for the better, a certain segment of the population will fight you tooth and nail. Yes they want peace, and contentment, but they don’t want to give up the low vibrational competitive practices that they have built their life on, in order to achieve that end. People want change, without change!

Sound like anyone you know?

Now, I have barely scratched the surface on this topic, but I think I will end it here, because I’ve given people enough to think about.