Love Me Tender

Love is the path, the way, the nature of God, and our nature also. To know where the highest road lies, one has but to think, speak, and act with loving intent, and all else will take care of itself. Once real love has been applied to a person, or situation, then nothing of any greater significance, can take place. The most effective energy has been unleashed, and life will then, take it’s course, according to the energy involved.

We live in a world where force, is viewed as the dominant power, but the biggest bully on the planet, will succumb to the ravages of disease, created by their own negativity, and all the brute strength in the world, will be of no help, once the body starts to deteriorate on the inside, at the cellular level. The biggest giant, will fall just as easily as any child.

Love is an energy, not just an emotion. Realize that love energy existed before humanity, and so the energy of true love precedes, and predates, our own thoughts, emotions, and ideas on the matter, relating to love. Everything is energy, and everything is also love.

This is especially true because, God (the Creator) is energy, consciousness, knowledge, truth, freedom, joy, and love. All things are sourced within the only thing there ever was, or ever will be, and that source, is God.

The human struggle has always been between the human ego, and love. The ego can not retain its autonomy within unity, and so it seeks to keep itself separated from God and other egos.  Love is an attractive force, that unifies and draws all things back to its source, and so the struggle is one between the unity which love represents, and the separation, which the ego fosters and tries to extend.

Ultimately the ego loses, because it is still dependent on the Creator for it’s very existence, no matter how much it denies Gods reality.

Thank you, very Much.