Religion is a club of people who have agreed to ignore the bulk of that, which constitutes the nature of God, and reality, in favor of their own book of rules. The fact that some of the content of the various religious books align with, some of the nature of God and reality, is what makes religion confusing to most people. There’s just enough believable stuff in most religious books to lend credence to the many other thoughts, which are not true.

We need go no farther than the beginning, to see that what comes later in books, is in error. If all spiritual, and material creation exists by virtue of the fact that, it was created by God, then all of it must have been created of God, and by God, for the reason that God was the only thing, and substance, in existence, from which to draw upon. That single thought sets the stage for the fall of almost all religious doctrine. What this means is that;

Everything was created by God, from God, and is God,….everything, without exception.

That certainly does not leave much wiggle room for those who are interested in maintaining their religious beliefs, or those who are starting a new religion.

Why do you think that most religious texts are so complicated that, they need professionals within the church to decipher for you, what the content really means? Why do you think that your taxation laws are so convoluted and complex? Maybe both organizations don’t want you to know exactly what is going on,…If you did, you could see through their games, and you certainly would not need them!

Try to remember what I am about to tell you, and it will be so much easier for you.

There never was, or ever will be, anyone or anything, other than God, within Creation.

Now this does not mean that you don’t exist, it just means that you exist as an individuated part of God, which has the ability to look back on the rest of itself, with self-awareness.